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Bespoke Service

Bespoke Design Service from Atlas Flowers

We feel that the most important aspect to our artificial business is the ability to provide a ‘hands on’ consultative approach to all customers and their needs, whether they stem from a commercial or a design driven basis.

We understand and appreciate that all clients have different businesses with different requirements specific to their target markets, and it is our aim to provide a solution to fit everyone.

Our business is not based on merely offering a predefined and limited selection of products.

That is why our database of products has expanded almost exponentially over the years, as we are introduced to new suppliers with different products and materials that we assess and select to give a cross sectional view of their offering. We then present those products to all clients to provide inspiration if not selection, and any products that end up not being selected are added to our database and become available to view by the next client – so all customers have the opportunity to benefit from all of the hard work that goes into every enquiry we receive.

In short, we can and have designed single components for decoration, products to add value or full ranges of products that are used in a wide range of scenarios and periods. We can add branding to products, we can supply full finished articles or we can simply source small add-ons to give the tiniest element of added value and decoration.

All of our products are made and supplied to order which means we rarely stock any significant volumes of products, but as a result you can be rest assured that if you demand it, your product will be truly unique.