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What To Look For When Making Dried Flower Confetti

Confetti Petals - Kaleidoscope

Kate Blott |

What is Confetti?

Strange as it may sound, confetti means sweets. An early 19th-century practice of throwing real or imitation sweets during Italian carnivals. Its etymology is: from Italian, literally, sweets, from Latin confectum something prepared, neuter past participle of conficere put together (from con- together + facere make). Let's dive into the world of confetti to find out more!


Traditional Confetti

Centuries ago, in Pagan times, harvested grains were thrown at a handfasting ceremony as a fertility symbol. This tradition has evolved to become rice grains, sugar coated almonds, or coloured paper at a wedding depending on the country and culture. Some people want to move away from these items, and are looking for a colourful and completely biodegradable alternative.

A wedding couple showered in colourful paper confetti
Photo by Lucxama Sylvain

Floral Confetti

Dried flower petals look great as confetti. They are colourful, can be scented, and will eventually biodegrade back into the earth. Dried petals and buds are less likely to deteriorate, wilt, and brown during the time preceding being thrown over the bridal party.

What makes good floral confetti though? There are some standards that you may be drawn to, like rose petals, but there are many different flowers that make wonderful confetti, so let's see what's available.

Someone sprinkling peach-coloured petals onto the floor
Photo by cottonbro studio

What Flowers Make Good Confetti?

There are a few points you may wish to consider when choosing what you include in your confetti mix:

  • Size of petals/buds
  • Colour
  • Scent
  • Cost
  • Availability


It's worth remembering that dried petals will be much smaller than their fresh counterparts. As beautiful as rose petals of up to 6cm across may look when fresh, you will only ever achieve up to half this size once dried. This doesn't diminish their prettiness, in fact, the colour will deepen and intensify as the petal contracts and curls into its new form.

One of the best products to almost completely retain its size is lavender. The grains contain quite a lot of oil, which doesn't evaporate when they are dried, so they tend to retain much of their plumpness. The added bonus with lavender is that scent too!


With dried petals, the natural colour of the bloom will condense and become deeper and darker. Your average bright red rose will become a deep crimson, perhaps even darker. Offsetting this against a cream or white bloom will give an opulent look.

a bunch of dried yellow roses, which have an intensified, deep yellow colour
Dried Yellow Roses - Atlas Flowers

These delphiniums and mixed wildflower petals look dreamy!

Confetti Petals - Kaleidoscope
Kaleidescope Confetti Mix - Atlas Flowers


As we mentioned earlier, flowers like lavender will retain their scent when dried. This is because of the high essential oil content that is left in the dried product. If scent is important to you, it's always worth adding such florals to your confetti blend. If for any reason you can't find scented products that you like, or those you have purchased don't have enough scent for you, you could always treat them with scented oil, rather like making a potpourri, to give them a boost.

Dried lavender grains
Photo by Tara Winstead


Dried petals can be bought in bulk to bring the cost down, but there's no escaping that they will be more expensive than paper or plastic. The cost to the environment of non-biodegradable materials, or papers that contain harmful colourants is far greater, however. We sell our products in 5L, 10L or 50L units, with price breaks depending on how many you purchase. This can help you budget for the number of guests you wish to give confetti to - 5L of petals is more than enough for 50 to 60 portions of confetti and prices start at around £60.

A 5L bag of dried flower petals


If you wish to make your own dried petals from which to create confetti, your choices will be affected by product seasonality. You can plan ahead and purchase the raw materials as they become available, then store the petals for later use, as once dried, the petals keep indefinitely when cared for correctly. The beauty of purchasing pre-dried products from a wholesaler means you will have access to a variety of products most of the year, and you won't have to spend time drying and preparing petals if you don't want to.

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