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Should you go faux with your houseplants this Winter?

It’s the perfect time of year to buy houseplants – but will they survive? Although the days are slowly getting lighter, light levels indoors can be exceptionally low, so that even the houseplant who’s native home was the jungle floor (such as an African Violet) will struggle in that dark corner. That’s where faux or artificial plants come in! Alongside their high chance of survival, with the only risk we can think of being a playful cat, there are many other benefits to sprucing up your home using cool artificial or faux houseplants.

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Garden Fern

Faux Ferns Can Survive The Toughest of Conditions

This time of year the ferns in our gardens are starting their winter retreat, the stems are full of spores and the older sprays are looking brown and a bit frazzled. As the heating starts to kick in looking after indoor houseplant ferns such as Adiantum or Nephrolepis can be tricky. Why not go faux instead. 

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