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Cereals but not just for breakfast!

Wheat Harvest Dried

This week we are focusing on our range of grasses or cereals. These are some of our best sellers, particularly the wheat. For some of our large bouquet making customers we supply these ready to use in mini bunches – but here we sell them in our standard 60-70cm long bunches. All of these are grown especially for dried flower production and harvested at just the right time for our use. From barley with its soft wispy stems to Setarea with its fluffy fox like bristles we have the full range. We have many colours available so please ask if you need other options

Here you can see wheat fields just before and during harvest

Here are some pictures of the wheat harvest

Here is a field of oats a few days before harvesting and Phalaris which still needs a little more time to get just right

We also offer the most beautiful wreaths perfect just as they are or ready for decorating with flowers for autumn weddings, Christmas arrangements or at any time of year


How about Orange Setarea for Halloween or coming upto Christmas our chalky white coloured wheat


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