Christmas Wreaths get a make-over

Wreath making helping hands

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Christmas Wreaths, as trends evolve and creativity is everything. Talk of wreaths generally conjures images of holly entwined into a ring to be hung on the outside door, but as times move forwards so do the possibilities of this must-have decorative Christmas adornment. This year, more natural and free-flowing designs have taken the prime spot for top wreaths, incorporating different textures to add contrast and excitement. Nature finds it’s way into the home as designers and DIYers forage for interesting and unusual greenery or vines to entwine into beautiful wreaths. Additionally, with fresh green wreaths, not only do you bring the look of nature to your doorstep but also their aromas which bring new senses to the home. Popular cuttings to use are ferns, ivy, box hedge stems, pine boughs, magnolia and, of course, holly.

Not only has the diversity and texture of wreaths become more in keeping with our modern times, but the elements used to create such masterpieces. Carved oranges, painted pinecones, flowing ribbons and dried flowers add unexpected twists to your Christmas greenery, bringing a touch of hand-crafted elegance to each piece. The beauty of nature shines through each unique offering with dried flowers such as Helichrysum, Echinops and Nigella becoming popular this Christmas. Working with delicate materials such as preserved foliage’scomes with it’s limitations, as these beautiful additions need to be kept dry to avoid damp stems, which makes them perfect for indoor decorations.

Close up of dried flowers on Christmas Wreath

One of the biggest trends to hit this year is making wreaths with friends, for friends. Wreath classes have become ever more popular and with it the rise of crafting pieces at home, leading to some Instagram-worthy creations. Wreath making can make for an engaging and fun evening activity with friends or family, with something for everyone to keep to remind them of the joy of Christmas sharing. It’s simple to set up by gathering ingredients that can be used to get creativity flowing, rounding up some friends and joining around a table to share ideas and helping hands. We’ve seen some great wreath-making workshops around the country such as ones held by Jane Scott Flowers, pictured below.
Atlas Flowers have been supplying stores with dried flowers, preserved foliage, ingredients and wreaths for over a decade, and are proud to be a part of such an important part of the festive season. Speak to us today about stocking up for Christmas, or arrange a consultation so we can discuss your needs.

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