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Dried Flowers Are Hot News This Year

Phalaris Wreath 35cm Natural Dried

Dried Flowers Are Hot News This Year

Our Dried Flower range is now coming back into stock and we are proud to work with Koos Lamboo Dried & Deco and have done so now for over 20 years. Back in the 80’s when Dried Flowers were big news Koos Lamboo were one of the biggest growers and driers in Holland. http://www.kooslamboo.com . The fashion changed and Dried Flowers were pushed away to the back of the room and forgotten, only to be seen in the sort of hairdressers where you could have your hair set.

Now Dried Flowers are big news and one of the hottest trends. Japan and Korea were some of the early first adopters and there are some beautiful arrangements being seen on Instagram http://www.atelierprairies.com from France. In the UK Liberty’s and Selfridges are currently featuring dried flower installations and with the work of floral artist Rebecca Louise Law catching everyone’s attention now Dried Flowers are cool again!


Lagurus Grass In The Field

What a tricky year its been for growers in Europe and the UK. With late snow and a very wet April, the dried flower seeding was delayed by a whole month. However nature always finds a way and May has been a fantastic growing month, and now everything has caught up, however now, of course, we have had a long hot dry spell and regular watering is a costly necessity. Successes this year – the biggest volume of Wheat ever! We harvest this green so that it dries with really strong stems and is then perfect to use in bouquets as it is or can be dyed in our wide range of colours. Phalaris, Barley, Triticale and Lavender are now already harvested and are currently drying in

Dried Wheat Delphinium Bunch

And the not so good, unfortunately, crop failure for our lovely Statice suworowii, lets hope for bumper harvests next year.



Most of our Dried Grass Wreaths are now in stock and once we get a bigger selection of flowers we will start to make our bouquets

Triticale Natural Dried Grass Wreath 35cm

Dried Flower Bouquets

Over the next 2 weeks, the following items will be harvested, dried and will be back on stock. Contact us for more information

  • Sanfordii
  • Rodanthe pink & white
  • Acroclinium pink & white
  • Phalaris
  • Oats

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