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Dried Flowers From The Field – Chapter 2 Helichrysum

Helichrysum pink loose heads

I remember my Mum growing these back in the 70’s. I wasn’t very fond of them then but maybe it was because they were dotted in between the begonia’s, geraniums and lobelia and they just didn’t look right. However now we love Helichrysums. They are also called Straw Flowers or Everlasting Flowers and these names are very appropriate as they have a very straw like feel and sound and they do almost last forever. This year we are offering orange, pink, red, white and yellow flowers sold in bunches – unfortunately the dark pink variety this year did not come true to type so we won’t be offering.


In April the seeds are sown, then through May and June, the fields are carefully weeded. In July the flowers are harvested by hand – each individual flower is cut by one person with a hand knife. Once harvesting has finished the bunches are hung upside down on trolleys and the individual flowers are placed in wooden bulb crates to dry in the air dryers. The process takes around 48 hours.

Helichrysum’s are the best selling dried flowers at the moment and the most popular colour is pink

Here are the pictures of the dried flower bunches all the colours are natural – although we can colour them with vegetable dyes too if required – the most popular dyed colour is green!

Helichrysum natural pink bunch Helichrysum natural red bunch Helichrysum natural yellow bunch Helichrysum white flower bunch

We also sell the flower heads loose by the kg and the colours we offer are pink, red and white, flower head size is 1.5 – 4cm diameter

Helichrysum pink loose heads Helichrysum yellow


Please have a look at the rest of our range in our webshop. Next blog chapter – wheat and cereals

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