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Dried Grasses – On The Pampas Trail

Pampas Grass

Dried Grasses – On The Pampas Trail

Dried Grasses are big news at the moment, and everyone is in love with Pampas Grass. Most of it is sold out for this season but we do have some beautiful grasses which might get overlooked if you just had your mind set on one thing. So I thought it would be a good chance to highlight some of the lesser-known varieties, have a read here to find out more.

We now have a whole Dried Grass Category, some are coloured and some are natural and I thought, for now, we might just focus on the naturals. We love seeing all the beautiful work going on at the moment on Instagram with natural grasses and soft colours.

Beachgrass Ears are really soft and pale almost like they have been bleached, the bunch is large and is a fantastic 100cm long and great value compared to some of the other more expensive grasses.

The Arundo grass pretty much just looks like Pampas grass, so if that’s what you are after this is the one! In the wild it can grow upto 6m in height and is native to the Mediterranean and North Africa. The stems are long and there are 10 stems a bunch. Transport is the problem with these long stem bunches so we can’t really offer small boxes of these as all the cost would be in the shipping but they still offer really great value. The Beachgrass is £6.33 per bunch for 20 bunches in a box and the Arundo grass works out at £2.47 per stem + VAT if you buy a box of 15 bunches.

Typha grass is commonly known as Bulrush or Bullrushes. In their natural habitat, they grow on the margins of freshwater lakes or rivers. We have 4 different sizes in stock from large stems with chunky ‘cigars’ or the smaller stems which have more of a ‘cigarillo’ shaped tips.

I love our dried Panicum grass and our bunch is a large one. Its one of those products that the more you use it the more you love it. Just a couple of stems can be used in bouquets fresh or dried. It splits down really well for using in smaller posy style arrangements or combines beautifully with dried roses for a nostalgic look.

Panicum Grass

Dried Panicum Grass

Dried Red Roses, Panicum Grass and Dried Palm Spears


Beautiful posy featuring Dried Echinops, Preserved Red Felci Fern and tiny sprigs of Arundo grass

Echinops, fern and grass posy

We also must talk about some of the grasses, also known as cereals. We have a whole bunch of them! Setaria, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye and Phalaris. Below we have featured a couple of unusual Wheat varieties such as Black Wisp and Blond Beard.

Why not try a few of these lovely grasses? We are getting more new grasses in next week and have some really special things coming this autumn so please make sure to sign up to our newsletter to get our current offers and find out what’s new.

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