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Faux Ferns Can Survive The Toughest of Conditions

Garden Fern

This time of year the ferns in our gardens are starting their winter retreat, the stems are full of spores and the older sprays are looking brown and a bit frazzled. As the heating starts to kick in looking after indoor houseplant ferns such as Adiantum or Nephrolepis can be tricky. Why not go faux instead. 

We have some great options from our single stem garden ferns, which you could use for autumn wreaths or to add into fresh autumn flower arrangements. Or our giant winterfern plant at 76cm this is a whopper and ideal for conservatories, the porch, the bathroom or anywhere you feel the need for a really large fern, but without the stress of looking after them.

Faux Winterfern and Faux Aldercone stem

Stagshorn ferns are easy to look after in the tropics, in the UK not quite so easy, however we can offer the perfect solution with our lovely ferns – they come 6 per box and flat packed so will need a bit of creativity to unfurl those wonderful felty or is it velvety fronds – but its a very enjoyable process and very calming!

Faux Staghorn Fern, Platycerium

Faux Staghorn Fern
Faux Staghorn Fern, Platycerium











Finally for autumn wreaths, autumn arrangements fresh or dried we can’t think of anything better than our garden fern spray at 60cm it gives you all the options and can easily be snipped down to whatever size you need. Or heading towards Christmas and frosty mornings how about our silver fern with a lovely white wash finish

Faux Silver Fern Whitewash FinishFaux Garden Fern Spray 60cm

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