Fresh tropical foliage boxes delivered to your door

Do you live / work within the M25? Do you need the freshest possible tropical leaves for your event and wedding work? For over 20 years we have flown shipments in from Sri Lanka of our beautiful tropical leaves, palms and tropical stems. In the past, we have sold exclusively to the largest UK bouquet makers that supply all of the UK supermarkets. Well, now we’ve decided to launch our range to you the florists, stylists, events organisers and any creatives that can use tropical leaves and buy straight from the farm.

With shipments every week you are guaranteed the freshest of leaves. Our stems are flown straight from Sri Lanka into Heathrow, we don’t keep stock and don’t keep stems in cold water in draughty cold stores. We know how to handle tropicals so that you get the best quality and just exactly what you need.

What do we have and how do you order?
Email or call 0845 519 5633 for more information.

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