Should you go faux with your houseplants this Winter?

It’s the perfect time of year to buy houseplants – but will they survive? Although the days are slowly getting lighter, light levels indoors can be exceptionally low, so that even the houseplant who’s native home was the jungle floor (such as an African Violet) will struggle in that dark corner. That’s where faux or artificial plants come in! Alongside their high chance of survival, with the only risk we can think of being a playful cat, there are many other benefits to sprucing up your home using cool artificial or faux houseplants.

These alternative and natural options thrive in even the gloomiest corners, meaning that no space is off limits, expanding your ability to brighten up every area of the home. On top of this, using central heating to warm the home each day does not bode well for real tropical house plants, leaving you with a choice between comfort and plant care. As the festivities come to a close, your mind may drift towards getting some winter sun to combat the January blues, but what about those expensive houseplants that need care and watering? Fortunately, the only thing you need to worry about with leaving a faux or artificial houseplant is missing looking at them each day! With your time already taken up with getting back into the school routine, a new fitness regime, or getting your house back in order after Christmas, rest assured that the only care your artificial houseplants need is an occasional dust.

We’ve seen some amazing places in the capital over the festive break and are pleased to see all kinds of houseplants making a prominent comeback, brightening up houses across the nation. Garden centres are full of houseplants that just don’t cut the mustard, as we see the same boring plants in each store. At Atlas Flowers, our fantastic and unusual options of precisely chosen varieties just aren’t found in many other places, as we go to great lengths to source the very best. Our Begonia plants and trails have beautiful leaves with a slight velvety touch meaning that they don’t only look good but feel great too. Whether perched on the highest out-of-reach shelf or hung from a macramé hanger, they are sure to brighten up the dullest of spaces.

Pilea peperomiodes have become very sought after and remain one of the coolest plants around, hitting the top of many home-owners lists of must-have plants. As with all potted plants, they do come with their intricacies to look after, and let’s not forget having to find a house sitter when out searching for some Winter sun. Our faux or artificial version solves this, providing a really convincing alternative. If you plant it up in the right pot, no one will guess it’s not real!

A surprising plant to add to the home is the Vanilla planifolia – yes this really is vanilla used for tasty treats such as ice cream and custard. In the natural world, it is an orchid from which the pods are harvested for our kitchens. Our faux or artificial version has a beautiful trailing habit and looks not dissimilar to a variegated Tradescantia; perfect to spruce up any kitchen corner. Trailing plants are ever-more popular, particularly draped over shelves, but quickly display issues as they dry out due to the pot to water being high up. Again, this is where faux or artificial foliage can provide the perfect solution without compromising on style.

House plants are the perfect way to introduce nature to your life, particularly if you are short on outdoor space, or work inside the majority of the day, Having plants within the home is also said to have health and well-being benefits, as well as making working life more bearable if introduced to your office or home office. Just like with Christmas Wreaths, bringing variety and contrast to your plant collection is all important this year and is a great way to showcase your creative skills.

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration to set you on your way to harmonious house plant planning. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your retirements, please feel free to get in touch or book a consultation.

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