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Spring Fair 2018


What a great week we had at Spring Fair, even if we all came back exhausted. When you are a small business the preparation for a show of this size really pushes you to the limits – especially as you still have all the normal jobs that still need doing. When we arrived at our stand and started painting and building we looked on in awe as the teams of builders, carpenters and electricians arrived, followed by the decorators and finally on Sunday the salespeople for all the ‘Big’ stands. Atlas Flowers Retail are all of these things and every item on our stand was selected, designed, photographed and hung up or displayed – just by us!

During our time at the NEC we met so many lovely people all running or working in very different areas, from visual merchandisers to event planners, florists, retailers, interior designers, garden centre owners and buyers and even a few friends stopped by to say hello.







Our new range of faux succulents were exceptionally popular and the dried flowers also created a lot of interest. We wanted to create a stand that really highlighted the colours of the dried flowers and also showed off the greenery as much as possible and we certainly got lots of compliments and I hope stopped people in their tracks. A bit of a contrast to the dancing twirling penguins and silk blossom trees that surrounded us! But that’s just part of the fun of the fair!

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