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Strawberry Hill Flower Festival 2019

Strawberry Hill Flower Festival

I knew nothing of Strawberry Hill Flower Festival other than maybe I had seen a wonderfully strange white gothic building from a train back from London a few times, which I discovered was Strawberry Hill House. I also have a bit of a fascination for anything gothic and even have a book called Gothic Revival which has sat on my bookshelf for a few years now and guess what Strawberry Hill House is in it! Anyway, I digress. When Bex from Botanical Tales said would I be interested in helping I said of course! Then I asked what was involved 🙂 Well, when I heard more details about the event and the fantastic florists and flower people involved I was blown away to even be considered to help.

What is Strawberry Hill Flower Festival?

The event was the inspiration of Leigh Chappell who is based in Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, Clare Bowen from Honeysuckle and Hilda and Janne Ford floral stylist, photographer and one of our neighbours along with Kim from Pig Pen Flowers.

The focus of the flower festival was to use as many British Flowers as possible and also sustainability with #nofloralfoam used.

The event ran from the 23-26th of June and fingers crossed it becomes an annual celebration of British Flowers, floral design and inspiration in the most amazing setting Strawberry Hill House.

Where were we?

Bex chose The Green Closet for us to work in and right away we knew it was just perfect. The green flocked wallpaper and small space might have been tricky for some but for dried flowers and grasses we knew it would just be perfect. Bex had taken inspiration from the local meadows near where she lives in Farnham and foraged and dried many of the pieces we used including Teazles, Oxe Eye Daisies and Goat Weed. We also added in lots of dried grasses such as Lagurus or Bunny Tails, Erianthus, Festuca, Phleum or Timothy Grass and Stipa. For a final touch some early dried mini sunflower heads.

Bex had the fantastic idea of placing every stem in reclaimed wooden boards, which her husband Ed had pre-drilled for us. All we had to do was methodically arrange and almost stitch each stem into place to create our soft meadow-like edges to the room. We took along boxes and boxes of stock not really sure how much we would need to create our vision but in the end, used barely anything at all. Each stem seemed to take on more beauty when left with space around it.

woman creating display of dried stems
close up of dried stems

dried stems

Products we used…

We used our dried mini sunflowers – which are available in our webshop as well as many of our dried grasses such as Festuca and Briza or Quaking Grass.

There was other dried flower inspiration too from Twisted Sisters who used a collection of cardboard boxes to display their beautiful work. close up of dried flowers

close up of display of dried flowers

The dried flowers here were caught beautifully in the light by @Tatiaos

Fiona Pickles from Firenza Floral Design created the most amazing staircase installation. Every time I came down it I felt like a bride! The arrangement at the base of the stairs though was purely breathtaking with the table, fabric, flowers and that Honesty!

beautiful display of flowers around staircase

Who else was there?

Our neighbours at Strawberry Hill Flower Festival were Pig Pen Flowers and Janne Ford who had the most beautiful blue bedroom in the world to decorate and used a framework of Ammi and then used splashes and dots of colour from cornflower, delphinium and poppy.

two woman standing in blue victorian room

flowers in front of beautiful victorian window

Another room called the Star Chamber had the most spectacular blue window inside, you would have thought it would have been tricky to decorate and compete with such a strong feature but Leigh Chappell and the WLFC created a masterpiece.

large flower display in front of victorian window

Each design and room was more and more beautiful. Here are some of my favourites featuring the work of Fig & Fern Floral, Floral Evolution, Holly-Bee Flowers.

bouquet of flowers in front of painting with gold frame

bouquet of dried flowers and hanging fabrics

We particularly loved…

The natural colours of dyed silks by the Natural Dyeworks which were complemented by some more lovely dried flowers.

Honeysuckle and Hilda created these beautiful summery urns with a wonderfully fragrant mix of the most delicious British Flowers.

beautiful flowers in roman vase

flowers on gold window sillGrace Mary Design created these stunning window displays in The Gallery.

dried flowers in corner of room

I have lots more pictures and this blog could go on forever and if you weren’t featured I’m sorry it was probably just the photograph I had didn’t come out quite as I was hoping. Every single installation and art piece at the flower festival was just as stunning as the rest. But in summary thank you Botanical Tales it was a real joy to work with you Bex and I hope we can do so again soon!

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