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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our Commitment to Sustainability


Sustainability is a hot topic.

Rightly so: The planet we inhabit is struggling for survival, and its resources are disappearing at a frightening rate. 

Although many industries have a poor reputation for planetary harm, from oil to heavy engineering, eCommerce is viewed as an industry that encourages fast and furious purchasing of throwaway goods. Often made from synthetic and non-recyclable materials, the products do not seem designed to last. Using oversized boxes and swathes of plastic-heavy packaging provides more packaging than product! 

Production often generates greenhouse gasses and river and land-polluting toxic chemicals that negatively impact the environment. Is the concept of a sustainable eCommerce business an oxymoron?

Ethical E-commerce?

Not all eCommerce is equal. Many businesses take their environmental responsibility very seriously. From sourcing goods ethically and ensuring production in an environmentally conscious manner to logistics, packing, and shipping in the most ecologically sound way, companies can reduce the damage they inflict as they operate their business. Over time, small steps add up to make a big difference. There are companies worldwide that are striving to become ethical and sustainable, including those within eCommerce.

Social Responsibility

The B-Corp initiative is a worldwide system of commercial accountability designed to balance profit and social responsibility. Few businesses have achieved B-Corp status due to the incredibly stringent accreditation process involved. Even if the mountain of B-Corp is too much to climb, the ethos of social responsibility behind it may be employed within a business as part of its development towards a sustainable future.

Making Changes

At Atlas Flowers, we strive to minimise the use of plastics, non-recyclable products, and packaging. We haven’t eliminated all of these just yet, but we’ve massively reduced our consumption over the last few years, and have ceased working with some suppliers who are not adapting to a sustainable way of operating. Improving on all these aspects is a work in progress, and we continually seek new ways to reduce our impact and give back to the planet.

Our friends at Lamboo Dried & Deco supply a large range of our dried products. They truly share our ethos and have worked tirelessly over the years to improve their site, with the sustainability of their production central to their development work. Their warehouse and factory have a solar array for power, and the water used in production activities is recycled and reused on-site. The heat used for drying the flowers is regenerated to keep everyone warm all year round.

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“We have worked with Atlas for 4 years and wouldn’t order dried flowers or sundries anywhere else. Their selection of dried flowers is by far the best in the U.K. — we love the variety of colours and flowers available.

The team at Atlas are highly professional and friendly, nothing is too big an ask. Orders always arrive punctually and the flowers are always packed with love and care ensuring no breakages during transport.

Atlas have also been open to ordering in new products specifically for us if there is something they don’t stock. It goes without saying we highly recommend using Atlas for any of your floral or sundry needs.” 

Chloe Milligan

Creative Director at Mud Urban Flowers

"At Florence and Flowers we specialise in making bespoke wedding arrangements using dried flowers.

Quality is the number one thing that we look for from our suppliers and for that reason we use Atlas Flowers time and time again. The quality of their dried flowers is excellent, as is the speed of delivery and their willingness to source additional colours and flowers when we receive requests for custom designs.

Atlas Flowers are a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend!"


Florence and Flowers

“I have ordered from Atlas over the last 3 years and I am delighted with the quality of the faux range for my many installations on Guernsey. The flowers look so life like it is hard to tell they aren’t real. The delivery and service is fantastic.

The dried range is also very good and the home wares section is gorgeous - I have ordered many a vase for my own home.

I cannot recommend the team at Atlas highly enough”

Claire Galliott

Simply Bespoke Guernsey