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  • What Is Air Fern?

    What Is Air Fern?

    Whether in a terrarium, or as part of a ‘moss’ wall, air fern (sometimes called sea fern) is a versatile product that can add colour and texture to displays, installations,...

  • A close up group of different dried flowers.

    Can Dried Flowers Cause Allergies?

    For those who suffer from allergies, certain times of the year can be a nightmare. The idea of bringing fresh flowers into the home may not possible for the same...

  • A contemporary cafe setting with plants hanging from the ceiling, wall art, and comfortable looking seating adorned with cushions.

    Best Indoor Plants For Cafés And Coffee Shops

    First impressions are important and if your business is trying to give customers a calming, natural vibe throughout the seasons, adding plants is an excellent interior design hack.

  • Wiping the leaf of a faux plant

    How To Clean Artificial Plants

    Artificial plants may seem like a great, low-maintenance alternative to the real thing, but what about keeping them clean? Dust build-up will occur whether or not a plant is real,...

  • Phalaenopsis Plant in a spherical brushed gold pot cover

    How To Make Faux Plants Look Real

    Filling a house with beautiful plants can turn it into a home and make the working environment a more pleasant place to be. Doing so can require a lot of...

  • Fancy hotel frontage with beautiful flowers in urns and containers either side of the doorway

    The Best Plants For A Hotel Entrance

    First impressions last, and within the hospitality industry, this occurs at the entrance. Whether you are a small, family-owned B and B tucked away in the countryside or a 5-star...

  • A view of a crafting table with a pair of hands laying out pressed flowers on sheets of kitchen paper

    Can You Press a Dried Flower? Here’s How

    It's quite possible you remember pressing flowers as a child, perhaps you still do it to make keepsakes and gifts, but have you ever wondered if using fresh flowers is...

  • A bunch of dried flowers and a gourd in a kitchen nook.

    How to Store Dried Flowers

    One of the most common questions we are asked is 'How long will my dried flowers last?'. While the standard answer to this is that you can expect your dried...

  • A pair of cream coloured stone vases in different heights. the smaller containing some dried flowers

    How to Display Dried Flowers

    You have some dried flowers, and maybe you have a vase to display them in - but is that the only way to show off your beautiful, baked blooms? No!...

  • Fluffy pampas growing in the wild.

    A Guide To Different Types Of Pampas Grass

    Around 2019, Pampas grass became a hot trend for interior décor. Perhaps thought to be a relic of the 1970s, this tall, fluffy grass was on everyone's wedding florals list,...

  • A table-top display of boldly coloured faux flowers arranged in a variety of different vases.

    Top Reasons To Choose Artificial Flowers

    Often still referred to as silk flowers, artificial flowers are rarely made from this luxurious and expensive substance these days. Constructed from a woven synthetic fabric that is pre-coloured or...

  • Mixed size turquoise bottle vases displaying some dried flowers

    Which Vase Shall I Choose?

    Let us help you choose the best vase for fresh, dried, or preserved flowers and florals with our expert guide.

  • a bunch of deep green eucalyptus populus against a white background

    Which Preserved Eucalyptus Shall I Choose?

    There are so many varieties of preserved eucalyptus on the market that have unique leaf shapes and textures. This guide will run through our popular sellers and give you the...

  • Wedding bouquet containing eucalyptus held by a bride dressed in a white dress.

    Wedding Flowers: Top Picks!

    What Flowers Will You Choose For Your Wedding Day?Let's look at 10 fabulous flowers for your wedding... Peony Ranunculus Gypsophila Eucalyptus Tulips Sweet Pea Scabiosa Roses Hydrangeas Anemone

  • Photo of a couple standing in the countryside, with the man holding a gypsophila bouquet, by Yusuf Kahriman

    How To Make A Gypsophila Bouquet

    Gypsophila, or baby's breath, has long been a favourite for wedding bouquets. Fresh gypsophila is lovely, and does have a wonderful scent, however, fresh may not be available to you,...

  • Beautiful red and natural dried flowers laid against brown paper alongside scissors and brown twine.

    Floristry Tips For Dried Flowers

    As a florist, working with fresh blooms is likely second nature, but what about dried flowers? What tips for dried flowers could help to get the best out of baked...

  • A beautiful wedding table surrounded by dried flower decorations

    Wedding Décor Ideas Using Dried Flowers

    Couples are falling in love with dried wedding flowers because they bring character and charm to just about any wedding style, from contemporary to rustic and beach to barn. Well-styled...

  • Looking down at at a hotel reception desk from a high ceiling

    The Best Artificial Plants For A Reception Area

    The reception area of a hotel is the first point of contact, and as such somewhere that should be welcoming and relaxing. Having walked through the entrance, guests should be...

  • Bunches of flowers in racks, drying in the open air

    How Are Flowers Dried?

    The dried flower trend has been flourishing for a few years now, and shows no signs of going away, so how do you dry flowers? Is it worth drying them...

  • A preserved aralia leaf with a preserved, pink rose head

    Dried Flowers Vs. Preserved Flowers

    We are often asked what the difference is between our dried and preserved flowers, so we have put together an article to help explain the main distinctions and show you...