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Floral Trends for Weddings in 2024

Floral Trends for Weddings in 2024

Kate Blott |

Top 10 Wedding Flower Trends For 2024

Whether you’re getting married this year, or window shopping for a date well into the future, we have curated a selection of what’s hot for 2024.

  1. Elegant country-chic
  2. Colour blocking, with elements of ombre and bold colours
  3. Small bouquets
  4. Meandering aisles flooded with floral decoration
  5. Well-designed ‘sets’ with architectural floral installations
  6. Quirky vases and vessels
  7. Blending botanicals and food with flowers
  8. Floral crowns for wedding parties and guests
  9. Earthy design
  10. Outdoor, natural venues that make the most of the existing environment

How To Create 2024 Wedding Trends With Dried, Preserved, And Artificial Flowers And Foliage

Fresh flowers are wonderful, but we want to look at some alternatives that are not only beautiful but long-lasting and good value for money.

Elegant Country-Chic

In the quest for timeless, country-chic elegance, dried flowers reign supreme. While floral trends evolve, the charm of dried blooms remains. In 2024, embrace the dried floral arrangements for the wedding aisle. Envision a symphony of preserved greenery, such as olive branches or eucalyptus stems, intertwined with dried and preserved flowers. Blend dried wildflowers with dried peonies, preserved gardenias, hydrangeas, and artificial hydrangeas. These delicate yet enduring beauties will adorn your ceremonial architecture but work as enchanting centrepieces at your reception. Embrace sustainability and creativity as you re-purpose these dried treasures, ensuring your wedding remains as eco-conscious as it is magical. Say goodbye to flower waste, and welcome the everlasting grace of dried, preserved, and even faux florals.

Image by Elif Aksoy

In the image above right, the swathes of pampas grass line a wedding aisle that’s been nestled within some quirky seating. These robust stems can be reused and repurposed either within the same event or in the future.

Our Extra Grade Pampas Stems
Far from a passing trend, pampas grass continues to be a favourite for statement installations.

Colour Blocking, With Elements Of Ombre And Bold Colours

Colour blocking is a technique that was first promoted by Dutch artist, Piet Mondrian. It was introduced into fashion and has become synonymous with the 50s and swinging 60s. One of Mondrian’s most iconic works (“Composition in Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black”, d.1921) sums up the concept:

Composition in Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black by Piet Mondrian

Keeping the palette to three, or maybe four colours, it’s suggested that two contrast sharply with the others more complementary. Here we have a mixture of primary and monotone colours, which is quite stark. It’s possible to take the idea and bend the rules to encompass the design you are trying to achieve. The trend mentions ombre with the blocking technique, and these gradients will reduce the harshness of the lines, and create a softer look.

Image by Ruts Vakulenko

Helichrysum or strawflowers have a natural ombre and look beautiful in different lights. They come in a variety of colours and it’s possible to create a nice contrast to fit in with the blocking technique.

Helichrysum, Natural White
Helichrysum, Natural Yellow
Helichrysum, Natural Red
Our helichrysum comes in bunches with stems, or boxes of flower heads.

For a contrasting ombre effect, choose from our range of preserved hydrangeas. Whether in natural or unusual colours, these beauties are a versatile and attractive product.

Hydrangea, Verdissimo, Preserved, Green/Red

Small Bouquets

Bridal bouquets are a feature of any traditional wedding but as times move on, we can see a shift in how bouquets are used within the celebrations. Grooms, the wedding party, and guests may be seen accessorising with smaller bouquets that reflect the wedding theme or symbolise something to the couple. Aisles, seats and place settings may be marked with them, and they become a favour and keepsake.

In terms of the ‘main’ bouquet, these are expected to be stripped back and more minimalist. Bucking the trend of recent years where oversized, showy bouquets have been the norm, these effortless bunches may only contain a few well-selected stems that don’t detract from the other elements of the wedding. We love naturally dried, neutral-coloured florals, such as these white statice. Soft, delicate, and quietly understated, they look just the thing for creating a pretty wedding bouquet.

Statice Sinuata, Dried, Natural White

Fabulous Aisles Flooded With Floral Decoration

Making a grand entrance on your wedding day can be enhanced by aisle decor. Whether it’s pew markers in a church, or statement vases filled with arrangements lining the length of an outdoor aisle, there are plenty of ways to make the long walk pleasant and pretty.

With this year’s trend, creating bold aisle decor with flowers and foliage is all about drama. Arches and canopies can create a theatrical effect.

Image from Pinterest

Depending on the weather, you can opt for mixing and matching fresh, dried, preserved, and even faux flowers and foliage.

This cocculus is available in different colours and is a great product for creating foliage-rich aisle decor. Check out our full range of preserved foliage products.

Architectural Floral Installations

In a similar vein to the structured aisle decor, building sets and installations as part of the theatre of your wedding day are to become popular this year. From custom alters to stages, making the venue your own is set to be a great way to add drama and spectacle. Adorned with flowers and foliage, these installs will wow guests and the wedding party alike.

If the ceremony is to take place outside, complement or contrast the surroundings with grand designs. If you’re indoors and constrained by space, make use of the whole room, and dress with a maximalist floral design.

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Quirky Vases And Vessels

To add some bespoke charm to your event, opt for unusual vases and vessels, perhaps from thrift or antique stores.

A mix of metal vases and glass domes gives this theme an unusual flavour. Image by Lina Kivaka

Up-cycling old bottles and filling them with kitsch faux flowers looks perfect on this chintzy table runner. Image by Hebert Santos

Botanicals, Food, & Flowers

This year will see a trend for using alternative botanical items in arrangements and decor items. Whether it’s for a theme or sustainability, adding some fruit, veg, or other non-flower elements to your wedding decor, we feel brings a sense of fun to a traditional element of the wedding.

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Dried botanicals are another great way to add something different to the mix. We have a wide range of unusual items that would work well alongside more traditional flowers.

Cacao Pod, Natural, 12-18cm, Bag of 10
Cacao Pods
Kuwa Root, Natural Brown, 40-50cm
Kuwa Root
Tika Twigs with Pods, Natural, 20-25cm
Tika Twigs

Floral Crowns & Head Dresses

There’s a dreamy, romantic look and feel to a flower crown. Often associated with a bohemian or hippy vibe, these headdresses can up the romance and fun for an event. These days, it’s not uncommon for guys as well as gals to sport these at weddings and with that, the designs have developed into something less binary. Oh, and don’t forget beards! Why not go a step further and dress up the facial hair too?

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Earthy Design

We don’t just mean earthy colours, but an entire aesthetic. Natural, muted tones, with rich browns, reds, and yellows may be synonymous with Autumn, but why limit yourself to that season? Embrace the natural and neutral, and get back to Mother Earth!

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Outdoor, Natural Venues

Nature and the natural world are to be the venue of choice in 2024. Rather than forcing your guests into formal dining areas, the emphasis is on the great outdoors and getting back to nature. This goes hand in hand with the earthy theme mentioned above - unless your outdoors is a Caribbean beach of course!

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Making the most of the natural environment for wedding decor can save money. If you do wish to add some floral elements to the decor, these may be more restrained and subtle. Dried flowers make a great addition here, as they already have a slightly rustic look to them. Products like dried wheat, barley, and other grasses are a fitting accompaniment to countryside weddings, blending and complementing the surroundings.

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

These motifs can also be incorporated into bouquets, posies and buttonholes, aisle markers, table settings, and arches.

Image from Pinterest

Perfect Wedding Floral Flourishes For 2024

Now we’ve shown you some of the expected trends for the season ahead, why not get more inspiration through our website, and choose some amazing dried, preserved, or faux flowers and foliage? We always recommend Pinterest boards to get ideas, and we have curated a few of our own for you to look at.

What About Cakes?

Cake design is another important element of any wedding celebration. Often the statement centrepiece at the banquet, the wedding cake can encompass the aesthetic of the wedding couple. Let’s look at what trending themes for 2024 are influencing cake design.

Tonal Colouring

In the same way that colour blocking and ombre have been mentioned with florals, this year is seeing layering of tones to create a dreamy and romantic baked sensation.

Image from Pinterest

Sparkle and Bling

Shimmering glitter here and there can really make a cake design look rich and opulent. Whether it’s the entire cake, accents here and there, or decorative elements, a smattering of shine will look amazing.

Image from Pinterest

Mini Cakes and Dessert Tables

Rather than opting for one large cake, the idea of dressing a whole table with bakes and or desserts will be a major theme for 2024. By doing it this way, you can cater for all tastes, or free-from options, such as vegan, dairy, or gluten-free. Anything left over can be taken home, reducing waste and making the event more sustainable.

Image from Pinterest


Image from Pinterest

Buttercream and Textures

Making use of the way buttercream can be layered, coloured, and textured is a great way to build a cake to wow guests and add to the drama of the day. Buttercream also makes a great adhesive for edible and non-edible decorations.

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Dried Flowers

We couldn’t leave the cake trends without talking about flowers, and while we would happily wax lyrical about all the flowers we offer at Atlas, there is a trend for using dried flowers in 2024 wedding cake designs.

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Don’t feel you have to stick entirely to dried flowers, botanicals and foliage are also a great option - and this design has those earthy tones we mentioned in the first section.

Image from Pinterest

Your Wedding: Your Choice

In conclusion, trends are always evolving and new ones will hark back to things we’ve seen in the past (after all there is no new thing under the sun!), so don’t be afraid to go your own way and make floral and edible creations that fit you and your wedding aesthetic and tastes - be brave and bold and most of all, enjoy what you make!

Image from Pinterest

Like what you see? Take a look at our ranges of dried, preserved, and faux products to discover a world of wedding-worthy flowers and foliage!

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