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Which Preserved Eucalyptus Shall I Choose?

a bunch of deep green eucalyptus populus against a white background

Kate Blott |

Preserved Eucalyptus or Dried?

We are often asked if we sell dried eucalyptus, and the short answer is no. Eucalyptus doesn't dry well. To prevent it from becoming brittle and a poor quality product, it requires preservation; something quite different to drying, and we will go into the details of how this product is preserved later in this article.

Briefly, the preserving process keeps the product looking fresh, and it even retains the scent that we know and love. We adore the different varieties of preserved eucalyptus on offer, and so do our customers - it is one of our most popular products!

Let's Compare Eucalyptus Varieties

We stock many varieties of eucalyptus throughout the season, in different colours from natural-looking greens right through to bleached and metallics. This guide will tell you a bit more about what shape leaves and stems lengths you can expect from our bunches.


Eucalyptus Populus, Green - 2nd Quality

  • A flat, and broad-leafed variety.
  • Stems within our bunches are up to 65cm in length.
  • Leaves have an approximate diameter of 3 to 4cm.

Different leaf shapes that eucalyptus Populus can exhibit include:


Orbicular - Circular | Obtuse - Circular with a tip | Elliptic - Narrow oval, soft tip | Ovate - Egg-shaped, soft tip

FUN FACT: This variety is commonly found in California, originally introduced by Australians who traveled to the US for the gold rush.


Eucalyptus Parvifolia, Preserved Red, 150g

  • A pointed, small-narrow-leafed variety.
  • Stems within our bunches are up to 90cm in length.
  • Leaves are up to 2.5cm long and 1cm wide.

Different leaf shapes that eucalyptus Parvifolia can exhibit include:

Falcate - Long, curved, pointed | Lanceolate - Long, pointed


  • A flat, heart-shaped-leaf variety.
  • Stems within our bunches are up to 70cm in length.
  • Leaves are up to 3.5cm long and 3.5cm wide.

Different leaf shapes that eucalyptus Stuartiana can exhibit include:


Preserved Eucalyptus Cinerea, Red, 150g

  • A semi-flat, rounded-leaf variety.
  • Stems are up to 80cm in length.
  • Leaves have an approximate diameter of up to 5cm.

Different leaf shapes that eucalyptus Cinerea exhibit include:

Opposite - Pairs of leaves | Orbicular - Circular


  • A long, flat-leafed variety.
  • Stems are up to 60cm in length.
  • Leaves are up to 5cm long and 1.5cm wide.

Different leaf shapes that eucalyptus Nicholii exhibit include:

Subulate- Long, fine, pointed | Lanceolate - Long, pointed | Linear - Long, pointed

FUN FACT: This variety is sometimes called the willow-leafed peppermint. Whilst commonplace to the point of being considered invasive in some parts of the world, it is actually endangered in its native Australia.

Baby Blue

Eucalyptus Baby Blue, Preserved, Red, 65cm

  • A structural, paired heart-shaped leaf variety.
  • Stems are up to 65cm in length.
  • Leaves are approximately 1.5-3.5cm in diameter.

Different leaf shapes that eucalyptus Baby Blue exhibit include:

Even Pinnate - Opposite pairs | Cordate - Heart-shaped

  • A flat. long-leafed variety.
  • Stems are up to 55cm in length.
  • Leaves are approximately 5-10cm long and 1-2cm wide.

Different leaf shapes that eucalyptus Exotica exhibit include:


This image shows a bunch of eucalyptus gunni green, against a white background

  • A semi-flat, paired round/oval-leafed variety.
  • Stems are up to 50cm in length.
  • Leaves are approximately 2-3cm in length and 2cm wide.

Different leaf shapes that eucalyptus Exotica exhibit include:​

Even Pinnate - Opposite pairs | Elliptic - Narrow oval, soft tip | Ovate - Egg-shaped, soft tip

FUN FACT: Eucalyptus is native to Australia and can be found growing naturally at higher elevations. Gunnii, also called cider gum, is considered one of the most cold-hardy, single-trunk eucalyptus trees. It can be found growing in the UK because of its tolerance of the colder weather.

How is eucalyptus preserved?

As we mentioned earlier on, the preservation process is not the same as drying. A preserved stem or flower will retain the look and feel of a fresh product and the natural moisture is replaced with a mixture of glycerine and vegetable dye.

To preserve eucalyptus, stems are trimmed, cleaned and dried before being placed in the coloured glycerine solution. Over the course of up to two weeks, the natural moisture will gradually be exchanged for the preserving liquid, and its colour enhanced with the dye - if no dye was added, the end result would be a murky grey-brown and not aesthetically pleasing.

Excess preservation fluid is allowed to drain off, so that the product stabilises. Once stable, it can be carefully stored for future use, or worked into your designs. Care needs to be taken with the ambient temperature and humidity the product is exposed to, as fluctuations can destabilise it and the liquid may leach from stem bases and weak leaf joints. Although the preserving solution isn't harmful, it is naturally sticky, and the vegetable dyes can stain.

If stems become dusty, don't use water to clean them, just carefully wipe or dust. Preserved eucalyptus stems can last for well over a year if they are cared for, and the scent lasts too!

What can I do with Preserved Eucalyptus?

You may be a seasoned user of preserved eucalyptus, or you could be completely new to it, either way there's always something out there to inspire your creativity! We are fortunate enough to supply many talented florists and designers, and it is fair to say that most of them purchase our preserved eucalyptus at some time in the year. It is a firm favourite for wedding bouquets, arrangements, and venue décor. By the time Christmas arrives, the new eucalyptus season is in full swing, and the colour and scent work well for festive designs.

The versatility of preserved eucalyptus makes it ideal for:

Eucalyptus Wreath, Baby, Red, 27cm Diameter

  • eucalyptus wreaths
  • swags and garlands
  • table decorations
  • church or registry office decorations
  • bouquets containing eucalyptus
  • hair clips and corsages containing eucalyptus

The only limit is your imagination! Why not take a look at our eucalyptus themed Pinterest boards for weddings and Christmas to get some inspiration?

Customer creations

There's nothing nicer than catching up with our customers to see how they use our products. India from DRIED has many products on her website that use the different eucalyptus varieties we offer.

DRIED is a small, independent business based in Edinburgh, Scotland founded by India and born out of a love for all things floral. Like many people, we've fallen head over heels for dried flowers, grasses & seed heads and the beauty they deliver year after year. Driven by sustainability, we curate beautiful dried & preserved flower arrangements and bunches that are designed to last. Whether it's a bouquet to brighten up your space, a lasting gift for someone special or beautiful blooms for your wedding or event, all our dried flowers are sourced sustainably and responsibly and delivered straight to your door.
- India Tyrer | DRIED

India's bespoke arrangements and designs are available through her website, and we think you will agree that they are lovely! Using a blend of different eucalyptus varieties and dried flowers and foliage, India creates some absolutely gorgeous bouquets, wreaths and décor - make sure to take a look at her wedding collection.

Image credit: India Tyrer

Are you ready to get creative?

We hope you're feeling inspired to make something amazing with preserved eucalyptus. Why not share your designs and makes with us on social media? There's nothing we like more than to be tagged on Instagram when you've made something beautiful using our products. If you would like to have your design or installation featured on our story, just get in touch!

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