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The Best Plants For A Hotel Entrance

Fancy hotel frontage with beautiful flowers in urns and containers either side of the doorway

Kate Blott |

Choosing The Right Plants For A Location

Defining the character and kerb appeal of the establishment starts here, and is marked by the architecture, style, and colour of the exterior, tidiness, and what decorations embellish it. Focusing on the image and aesthetic you want to promote is key to choosing the right plants. This can include colour, size, and country of origin. The environment is important too - is it hot or cold, draughty, low or no light, or very exposed to extreme wind and rain? Assess the resources available for upkeep - not everyone has green fingers or the time to maintain lots of plants!

Creating a sense of opulence and grandeur for a high-end business is easy with flowers.

If your environment is not conducive to the well-being of plants, what can you do? Are there alternatives? We think so. Faux could be the way to go. Yes, that’s right, artificial plants have come a long way over the years, and their quality and realism can be almost indiscernible from the real thing. Many high-quality artificial plants are made from resilient, UV-stable materials that can cope with being placed outside. In busy areas where constant footfall has clientele in contact with leaves and flowers, they will not suffer like live plants may. They don’t get upset when you neglect them, just a little dusting and adjustment now and again to keep them looking fresh. Let’s take a look at what is on offer and their ideal application.

Faux plants can take the strain of changing temperatures. High-quality, UV-resistant products can handle strong or little-to-no sunlight and look as good as the real thing. No time to water, feed, and prune a plant? No problem. Artificial flowers only require dusting and a quick wipe with a cloth now and again. If you'd like to learn more about faux flower and plant care, we have another article to guide you.

You can fill your space with plants to create an atmosphere to suit your business, personality, or other theme. With faux, you can mix and match all kinds of plants and greenery that may not naturally thrive in your building’s environment.


Urban/Busy Street

If the building is set in an urban area, there are likely to be limitations on what can be placed on a kerbside. Street furniture can be legally restricted by local councils, and ensuring the health and safety of passersby should always be paramount. Opt for smaller, containerised trees or shrubs (such as topiarised bays or laurels) that can be kept snug against main entrances and taken inside when necessary. Dressing the doorway with arches or trellises of ivy, roses, or other rambling plants can keep it neat and flush with the wall. Above head height, hanging baskets look good from a distance and are away from people. If nothing fits, think about moving the key display into the foyer.

An urban hotel entrance with its glass doors flanked by potted trees.

Suburban/Quiet Street

For suburban and small-town businesses, there can be more scope to develop kerbside décor. Window boxes, hanging baskets, and containers around the door and along the wall side can lift an otherwise dull exterior. Streets may be pedestrianised, making it more acceptable to spread away from the main entrance with décor. This works particularly well if there is café-style seating outside, perhaps within an enclosed area.

Colourful, tall European hotels and businesses covered in window boxes, filled with brightly coloured flowers make this scene look truly beautiful.


In villages with picturesque streets, pretty, older buildings can be made even more attractive by adding floral decor that is in keeping with adjacent homes and businesses. Window boxes, hanging baskets, containers, trellises, and arches can all add to the chocolate-box/cottage core look.

Countryside premises may have gardens or courtyards that can be dressed to draw the customer to the door. Large pots and containers filled with shrubs and trees can make for good all-weather decor. Flowering annuals are great for shorter periods but will need reworking throughout the seasons to keep things looking good, and may not work in all climates and environments.

Beautiful potted trees and shrubs flanking the entrance to a country hotel.

Hotel Entrance Decor Tips And Ideas Using Artificial Plants

The entrances to hotels are high-traffic areas. Not all are grand and spacious, quite often the opposite is true, so choosing the right decor is essential. Ensuring that the area makes the right impact on guests is important. It should be relaxing and not cluttered. If the establishment is fortunate to have a large, high-ceilinged foyer, statement trees, palms, and even moss or foliage walls can add to the sense of grandeur and opulence.

The grandeur of an opulent hotel foyer corridor is heightened with the addition of large, potted palms lining the corridor.

For bijou spaces, retain smaller plants against walls, tucked into alcoves, or on desks. Bonsai or succulents that don’t take up lots of room will add greenery and interest to an otherwise utilitarian area. If there is space to place a free-standing tree or plant, go for a hardy variety that won’t suffer if there’s little natural light, or is regularly knocked into by passing people.

A bijou hotel reception retains a cosy feel with various potted plants and bushes dotted around the desk area.

For either of these environments, there are artificial alternatives [see the Ficus and bonsai tree in the image above. These high-quality, low-maintenance options look amazing under artificial light, and because they don’t deteriorate with age, minimal maintenance will keep them looking tip-top!

Display Faux Plants In Pots On Either Side Of The Front Door

Pairs of tall, spherical bay trees are a common site outside the doors of hotels, spas, bars, restaurants, and even shops because of their hardy, resilient nature, and stylish looks. Also popular, is box hedging displayed in equally boxy pots. These add an architectural and formal look.

If you don’t want to follow the crowd, and the plants you like aren’t hardy enough to withstand life outside, choose faux plants. These could be stood on either side of an entrance like twin door guardians, or they could be part of a larger group, made up of different heights to create an interesting and eclectic display. Dress with LED lighting to make them stand out in the evenings and lure your customers inside! We recommend statement options like 175cm tall Areca Palm to create an impact. Pair up with a generous pot cover that can be filled with some ballast to keep it on the ground in a breeze.

Above is a faux Areca palm sat within a heavy concrete pot to add stability. This is ideal for placing inside a statement planter, such as that below, to create the visual impression of realism.

If additional weight is required to support a very tall plant, stones or sand can be added for additional stability.

Adorn The Entrance With Elegant, Hanging, Faux Plants

For galleried foyers, use the height of the ceiling and architecture to display trailing plants, such as Fitonia. Draping the plants over balustrades and metalwork of industrial-looking interiors can soften the overall look.

This high-ceiling hotel reception-area is softened with trailing greenery.

Exposed beams are ideal for hanging plants, and can bring the outside in. If there are design features within the ceilings, these can make good places to site plants. Create a different atmosphere by adding plants to light fittings or unusual ceilings. It may not be feasible to use real plants in these situations due to access issues for watering and safety reasons. Faux plants are great for these applications. Once installed they can almost be forgotten about.

Dressing exposed beams and trusses with greenery softens hard lines.
Adding plants to ceiling light fittings is an interesting way to play with the interaction of light with greenery. Proceed with caution if using real plants and water. Likewise, faux plants will need to be fire-retardant. Always check the manufacturer's guidelines before installation.

Use Artificial Leaves, Vines, and Foliage At An Entrance Way

The versatility of faux foliage garlands and sprays shouldn’t be underestimated. In tricky spots, such as entranceways, they are brilliant. They don’t get upset if the temperature changes frequently, or if they get knocked into by passing clientele. Probably best of all, they don’t care if you neglect them. If you are looking to add some greenery and interest to a main access point, artificial leaves, vines, and other foliage are a great option.

Using trellis or arches to style such products is a cost-effective way to beautify the doorway. These relatively inexpensive items are great for containing a plant like ivy, which is prone to taking over to the point that it can damage building structures. Such artificial products can be purchased in UV-stable form, meaning that you don’t have to worry about them fading in sunlight. Layering the plants can create depth and realism that helps their true nature go unnoticed.

Create A Seasonal Faux Flower Arch

Crafting a realistic flower arch from artificial blooms is a cost-effective way of adding floral décor. There isn’t the need to tend to thirsty plants or worry about pests or disease. Faux is great if you want to keep the look of a season beyond its time - not ready for winter? Choose bold summery flowers for your arch!

Faux flowers around a doorway are long-lasting and require very little maintenance.

Many DIY and garden centre outlets sell metal, wooden, and plastic arches that are ideal for creative projects with faux blooms. Your choice of flowers can be arranged and fixed to the arch securely so they will stay put until you decide to change things up. To add to the realism, choose complementary pot covers to shield the base of the plant, vine, or climbing plant. If you have the right architecture, it may even be possible to create an arch without a pre-constructed frame. Fixing the products directly to the wall or door frame, or using a wire base could be sufficient (as in the image above).

You may wish to opt for a freestanding arch, unsecured to a wall. A pot cover and weights will help here, and prevent it from falling or blowing over. Securing the arch to a wall will prevent accidents and add peace of mind. Whether you opt for a flat, trellis-style arch, or a three-dimensional, wide arch, will come down to environment and design. Fixing florals in place will need careful application of wire. We recommend a covered stub wire to prevent rusting and damage to the flowers. These come in a few colours and are easy to hide in the foliage.

The Best Plants For A Stylish Hotel Arrival Area

In large, upmarket hotel foyers, retain high levels of style with sleek, elegant plants and trees, complemented by luxurious containers and pots. Don’t overcrowd the area, keep plants to a select minimum so as not to detract from the overall look of the space. Permanent, statement plants mixed with vases of flowers that are regularly replaced, can prevent things from looking stale.

Large, statement plants positioned centrally in foyer areas create a focal point. If seating is sited around this, it makes for a good meeting point.

If there is space, try mirroring door trees inside. A long corridor towards reception could be lined with plants and palms lead customers to the main desk. Place statement plants around seating and tables to create a cosier feel.

Hotel Lobby Decor Ideas Using Lifelike Plants

If the foyer and reception areas don’t have the space to show off statement palms or trees, opt for artificial flowers or plants. These don’t have to be large and the wide range of colours and textures can make for an interesting display that is either understated or full of opulent glamour.

Welcome Guests With Faux Floral Arrangements

The technology behind faux flower production has improved so much over the years, that creating an arrangement with these products isn’t the compromise it once was. Brands such as Silk-ka have invested a lot in perfecting realism in their artificial florals. These hand-finished products are stunning and look amazing under artificial lighting. By investing in some key products that can be mixed with more seasonal selections, artificial flowers will work hard for you throughout the year, and if you take good care of them, for many years to come.

Stunning Silk-ka faux blooms make for an impressive display for opulent, luxurious settings.

Create A Stunning Faux Floral Or Foliage Wall

Moss-covered walls have been trending for a few years, and it’s common to see these features in many different public spaces. Flowers or foliage are also great for walls, and by choosing faux, you can select products that may not normally thrive in such a setting. The minimal maintenance required is a plus, as is the harder-wearing nature of artificial products. If your wall is in a high-traffic area where people may regularly come into contact with it, it’s worth remembering that faux plants and flowers will cope far better than live.

Whether it's kitsch or creative, a flower, moss, plant, or foliage wall can create drama and interest to a space.

Decorate Your Hotel Lobby With Indoor Plants

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, the presence of plants can:

  • Improve mood
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve attention span
  • Reduce blood pressure

With this in mind, decorating a busy hotel foyer with plants has benefits for both staff and guests. Green is a relaxing colour, so leafy trees and foliage-rich tropical plants are great for these spaces. If you want to bring in colour to enrich the décor, keep in mind your aesthetic and choose colours, shapes and textures to complement this. The wide array of faux orchid plants on offer go well with tropical greenery, especially when combined with statement pot covers.

Even in contemporary spaces, plants add another dimension. This harshly tiled, somewhat utilitarian space is softened with the addition of a velvet-covered chair and a large potted palm.

Use Stylish Seasonal Faux Foliage Accents

Keeping arrangements looking fresh is as simple as changing things up each season. Autumnal foliage is great because of the colour changes to deciduous leaves. To recreate this with real foliage, it would have to be a preserved product that has been dyed. These products are beautiful but they aren’t keen on extremes of temperature. The natural dyes and preserving liquids can leach out if they get too hot or cold, and this isn’t ideal. The alternative is of course beautiful faux foliage. Silk-ka’s autumnal-themed artificial foliage is perfect for this application. Elegant stems and sprays in stunning colours, use these products to accent décor and celebrate the season!

Silk-ka's Autumnal foliage adds warmth and luxury to this mediaeval hallway.

F.A.Q.s - The Best Plants For A Hotel Entrance

  • F.A.Q.s - The Best Plants For A Hotel Entrance

In galleried foyers, utilize the ceiling height and architectural elements to showcase trailing plants, softening the look of industrial interiors with plants draped over balustrades and metalwork. Exposed beams offer excellent spots for hanging plants, and design features within ceilings can also be suitable. For a unique touch, consider adding plants to light fixtures or distinctive ceilings. Access and safety concerns may make real plants impractical in these spaces, making faux plants a convenient choice that requires minimal maintenance once installed.

  • How do I decorate the outside of a door?

In urban areas, street furniture is subject to local council regulations for safety. Use compact trees or shrubs near entrances, and consider trellises with ivy or roses to maintain a tidy appearance. Hanging baskets above head height is a distant, safe option. If not, move key displays indoors. Suburban and small-town businesses have more decorative freedom. Window boxes, hanging baskets, and containers can enhance exteriors. Pedestrianized streets allow for expanded decor, especially with outdoor seating. Picturesque village buildings can match nearby aesthetics with window boxes, trellises, and arches. Countryside venues can use gardens and courtyards for all-weather decor with large pots and shrubs, but seasonal maintenance is required.

  • What can you put in pots on either side of a front door?

Tall, hardy bay trees and creatively shaped box plants are commonly seen outside hotels, spas, bars, restaurants, and shops for their durability and stylish appearance. Faux versions are also popular, offering a practical alternative to live plants that can be costly, vulnerable to weather, or prone to theft.

  • What plants look good at a front door?

Creating a lifelike flower arch with artificial blooms offers a budget-friendly approach to floral decor. No need for plant care, pest concerns, or disease worries. Faux flowers are ideal for extending a seasonal look, allowing you to enjoy summer blooms even in the midst of winter.

  • How do you accessorise a front door?

Rural establishments often have gardens or courtyards that can be enhanced to attract customers. Large pots with shrubs and trees offer versatile, all-weather decor. While flowering annuals provide seasonal beauty, they require periodic changes to maintain attractiveness and may not suit all climates or settings.

Love Faux Flowers, Plants, & Foliage!

We’ve shown you some of the ways in which you can use artificial products to emulate live plants, flowers, and foliage in large or small hotels. Hopefully, this will inspire you to get creative with these products and make some beautiful displays, arrangements, and designs to wow your clientele, Why not join the growing number of people who love faux plants? At Atlas Flowers, we pride ourselves on selecting the best quality artificial plants and flower products ideal for home or commercial displays. We work with several suppliers to bring our customers a wide range of plants, vines and florals, to provide the best possible choice for homes, offices, businesses, or events. If you're still not sure, look at our top reasons to choose artificial flowers to see if we can convince you further! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us to discuss your requirements, pricing, and bulk purchasing options.

Banana Plant (Musa), 55cm
A faux banana plant in a metal pot cover.

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