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Everything You Need To Know About Bunny Tail Grass

Natural lagurus stems in soft light.

Kate Blott |

What Is Bunny Tail Grass?

Native to the shores of the Mediterranean region, Hare’s-tail grass is cultivated as an ornamental grass and is commonly used in dried bouquets. The plant has become commonplace in parts of Australia and the United Kingdom and is considered an invasive species in some places.

It is a clump-forming plant that can reach about 30–60 cm tall. In its natural state, it is grey-green in colour. The oval flower clusters are soft with hair-like bristles.

Lagurus in the wild

4 Ways To Use Dried Lagurus In Floral Work

  • Bouquets
  • Hand Ties/Posies
  • Wreaths
  • Decorations

We are focusing on dried Lagurus here, as it's what we know best. Like most grasses, the adaptability and resilience of lagurus mean it grows very well commercially. The growers we deal with are adept at producing high-quality stems, perfect for floristry use as they are or when bleached or coloured.

Lagurus ovatus, (Bunny Tails), British, Nat Brown

This bunch of naturally finished dried lagurus is part of the larger collection available from Atlas Flowers.

The natural, dried Lagurus available from Atlas Flowers has a green through to creamy beige appearance. Most of the product is sourced from the Netherlands, with some lagurus grown and produced for sale from UK farms.

Lagurus ovatus (Bunny Tails) Milka, 100g
We also sell a range of colours, ranging from bleached white through pastel shades, to bold and bright. This purple looks fabulous when added to a bouquet of candy-coloured blooms.

Lagurus takes colour well, and for the most part, colouration doesn't affect the fluffiness. As with all things, you get what you pay for, and poorer quality products will shed seeds from the fluffy tail, and the stems can be too thin and brittle to support their own weight. Occasionally, the bleaching process can weaken the product, but when it has been carried out well, there should be no issue. We know that as skilled florists, you will be able to get the best our of this wonderful product!


Dried flower bouquets have become very popular in recent years, as they are long-lasting and reusable products. As flowers are expensive, knowing that they will only last a couple of weeks at most makes them an extravagant luxury for many people. Buying straight-line dried flowers from a wholesaler and creating bouquets to sell in your store allows you to maximise your spend and pass good value on to your clients.

Floral bouquets in a range of colours, packaged for gifting

Make a rustic spectacle with a dried flower bouquet.

Hand Ties & Posies

There are occasions when a full bouquet is too big, such as weddings. This is where the hand-tie or posy comes in. A smaller version of a bouquet, these little collections of blooms are dainty and a delight to behold. We see our customers make these for their client's weddings as place settings or as part of a gift bag set. They can range from as small as a buttonhole to a bride or groom's bouquet - and lagurus rarely disappoints in this mix!


There was a time that wreaths on doors were only seen at Christmas. These days, the change of the seasons, or a celebration often signals a change of door décor. Lagurus is a versatile ingredient for wreaths, and can be used for a variety of seasons or celebrations. With the coming of spring, pastel shades and fresh look fab, add some fluffy chicks, rabbits or eggs and you have the perfect Easter wreath. The parched natural tones of uncoloured lagurus are great for summery blends, and oranges, yellows and browns are a good fit for Autumn. As the weather turns colder, whites, icy blues, emulate snow and frost, while emerald greens and rich reds can compliment a Christmas design for inside the home.

You don't have to restrict yourself to a standard wreath design, as you can see from some in the collection from our Pinterest board, perpendicular designs are just as appealing.


The delicate bunny tail tips of Lagurus ovatus make wonderful decorative items. Whether for hanging on an Easter or Christmas tree or as part of a wall feature, this product can look beautiful on its own or as part of a more complex design, that is the versatility of lagurus!

A close up of a bleached White lagurus formed into a little hanging decoration.

F.A.Q Dried Bunny Tails, Hare's Tail Grass, or Lagurus

How long do dried bunny tails last?

  • If you care for them as recommended (if you're not sure how, read our article on how to care for dried flowers), your dried bunny tails will last up to two years.

Are bunny tails toxic to dogs?

  • Bunny tails are generally considered to be non-toxic, however, due to the very fluffy nature of the tails and the rough, brittle stems, it would most definitely be best to keep dried bunny tail grass away from pets in general. It could cause choking or irritation, even gastrointestinal issues if consumed.

Are bunny tails toxic to cats?

  • As mentioned above, although generally considered to be non-toxic, dried Lagurus has both very fluffy and brittle parts, which could cause choking, irritation, or even gastrointestinal problems should they be ingested. It's always better to keep such products away from animals, especially curious cats!

What is the real name for bunny tail grass?

  • You may have heard bunny tails referred to as hare's tail grass before, but their correct name is Lagurus ovatus. This name is derived from the Greek lagos meaning 'a hare' and oura meaning 'a tail', in reference to the shape of its flowers. Ovatus is derived from the Latin ovare 'to lay eggs', in reference to the seed heads.

What do dried bunny tails symbolise?

  • Lagurus can have different symbolism depending on culture and country. A good general meaning is innocence, purity, love, beauty, and fertility. This is hardly surprising considering their close connection to rabbits and hares!

Is bunny tail grass a perennial?

  • Lagurus is a hardy annual grass, native to the shores of the Mediterranean region.

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