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How To Make The Most Of The Bloomcore Floral Aesthetic Trend

A table covered in music sheets, flowers, and with a dark green floral wallpaper as a backdrop.

Kate Blott |

It sometimes feels like we are in a world where every new trend has the word ‘core’ added. What started with Cottage-core has swiftly grown into Witch-core, Angel-core, Princess-core, Barbie-core, and even Norm-core! This new way of naming trends may seem too much, but the aesthetics behind them do have followings, and if flowers and home decor (see what we did there!) are your thing, one or two are worth checking out.

The aesthetics behind Cottagecore have existed under different names for many years, but its popularity under this name was fast-tracked when COVID-19 took hold. With lockdowns pushing people indoors for prolonged periods, the aesthetic was a way to signal wellbeing through a restyled environment. Lighter colours, organic forms, rustic furniture, and flowers were in stark contrast to the palettes of flat greys and whites en vogue up to that point. The romanticised idea of rural life even saw many people upping sticks from their urban homes, and moving to rural areas as they sought to make a new life for themselves.

With the passing of time, the pandemic behind us, and the reversion to older ways of life from ‘new normal’, some things have held tight – ‘cores’ being one such thing. Cottagecore has evolved, and bloomcore is now with us.

What is Bloomcore?

The essence of bloomcore, sometimes known as Flowercore, is an aesthetic celebrating all things floral as part of a quieter, natural existence, for example, within rural or semi-rural village life. Manifest through home decor, clothing, and accessories, bloomcore has become a means to express a desire for natural living. Bloomcore shares some characteristics with Cottagecore, however, within this aesthetic the emphasis is on flowers rather than a broader, country-cottage vibe.

A beautiful vase of flowers on a table in the foreground, and a floral fabric covered armchair in the background.

With bloomcore, pick and choose accents and motifs for a minimal or maximal look.

Main Elements of Bloomcore Aesthetic

As its name suggests, bloomcore is a flower-based trend, so let’s discuss the specifics of colour and style.

Bloomcore Colours And Hues

A quick image search reveals predominantly dreamy pastels and contrasting greens, hinting at romanticism. A deeper dive reveals elements of maximalist design with bold floral wallpapers, curtains and soft furnishings. Accents of rich colour contrast more subtle areas of design. Other imagery shows contemporary, minimalist compositions with a few key colours or even a monochrome base. The interpretation of Bloomcore is very much down to personal preference, therefore a preferred colour palette can be tailored to fit the aesthetic.

A maximalist scene with a large floral painting on a teal and gold, Victorian-style wallpaper. In the foreground is a table topped with candles and a flower-covered cake.

Bringing Florals Inside

House plants have recently seen a resurgence in popularity, with people turning their homes into mini tropical paradises. Large-leafed plants like Monstera and banana are excellent features or backdrops to larger plant collections. Emulating bloomcore doesn’t mean these plants need to be removed to make way for flowers or flowering plants. Bring in large hydrangeas, styled in grand vases or pots to complement existing plants and add to the drama.

A white, metal, spiral-staircase covered in pots containing creamy-white hydrangeas.

These beauties are available in different colours to suit pre-existing colour schemes. If you don’t think you can manage the upkeep of live plants, preserved flowers or artificial plants and stems are available, and can be mixed as required to create a beautiful, low-maintenance display.

A montage of six photos showing a range of artificial and preserved hydrangeas.

Above from top right: Hydrangea Plant, Verdissimo Preserved Hydrangea Stems, Faux Hydrangea Paniculata Stem, Silk-ka Faux Hydrangea Stems (mixed colours), Silk-ka Faux Hydrangea Spray, Verdissimo Preserved Hydrangea Stems

Nature And Floral Designs

Use the home as a canvas for floral and nature-inspired designs. Create a feature wall using floral wallpaper or choose a large, statement floral artwork. Dress up the scene with ad-hoc placements of fresh flowers, pot plants, and floral decorations. Cups, teapots, crockery, vases and ornaments with floral embellishments add depth to the look.

Lots Of Indoor Plants

Bringing flowers indoors is a huge part of the core of the aesthetic. This doesn’t have to be standard pot plants, it can be a combination of fresh-cut flowers, outdoor specimens in large planters, dried and preserved arrangements, or even good quality faux garlands or blooms. Although it is entirely up to you what flowers and plants you bring indoors, some key varieties are synonymous with the aesthetic’s essence.

A Christmas cactus flower.

Flowering ‘Christmas cactus’ or Schlumbergera truncata

The Best Flowers And Plants For A Bloomcore Aesthetic


For that dreamy, romantic look, there’s nothing like wildflowers. No one should pick flowers from the wild as this is generally prohibited, but cultivated varieties are often available from florists either, fresh or dried. Create an arrangement using dried lagurus, lavender, yarrow, wheat, oats, and daisies. Not only will it look great, but it will last for ages – with that lavender, it will smell amazing!

A small green vase filled with dried statice, lagurus, and wheat.


Poppies look gorgeous in a field full of wheat or on a grassy verge, but unfortunately, they don’t last very long once picked. A great alternative to these is artificial blooms. Far from being a poor second choice, contemporary faux flowers are of great quality. Artificial poppies can be mixed in with fresh or dried flowers to increase the fullness of the display.


Peony season is short but spectacular. The peony flower has a soft, romantic look, perfect for the bloomcore look. A generously filled vase of these can make for a stunning display. For something longer-lasting, dried ones are available, but they tend to be very small and not visually striking. Artificial peonies work very well, and the effect is incredibly realistic.

Left to right: Fresh peonies, dried peonies, and faux peony spray


Roses are always popular and come in so many varieties and colour options the design potential is huge. They can last a good while in a vase with correct preparation and care and can be dried afterwards to give them a new life. Bric-a-brac shops often have older-style crockery on sale that is good for display purposes. Choose one decorated in florals to double down on the look!

A table setting with a flower-patterned teapot that contains fresh roses, and a plate, cup and candle in the foreground.

Roses can be dried successfully. This process leaves them with a deep and concentrated colour and neat blooms. They look great as a standalone arrangement or when mixed with other dried flowers and foliage. Use cereals and grasses to contrast the colour for a rustic finish to get great results.

Left to right: Dried red roses with white gypsophila, dried pink roses, pink faux roses


The hollyhock is a summer favourite in a cottage garden. Its statuesque height and cheerful flowers make it a perfect backdrop for well-filled borders. These plants grow up to 3m in height and are well-covered in flowers that get smaller as they get closer to the top. Hollyhocks can be displayed indoors in a large vase. Their thick, woody stems don’t bend and flex, so they make a good backdrop to other flowers that have more natural movement. 

Hollyhocks in a rich pink colour.

It isn’t common to see dried hollyhocks but if you’re looking for a more long-term solution, faux stems are a good alternative.

Light pink, faux hollyhocks.

Contemporary faux blooms are made from incredibly realistic materials that make the flowers look almost as good as the real thing. The stems are made with textured materials to offer another degree of authenticity. The Silk-ka range of faux blooms is begun using a very detailed design process, and the high-quality manufacture is hand-finished to a superior standard.

Sweat pea

The fragrance of sweet peas is like no other. With cut flowers, that scent fills the home, bringing the outside in. These pretty flowers last for a few days before they wilt but they are worth it, and with the cut-and-come-again nature of the sweetpea, you can enjoy fresh flowers for a few weeks.

A bright pink sweet pea plant growing outside.


When summer is getting underway, wisteria flowers appear on the vine from nowhere, bringing a wash of mauve, white, yellow, or pink to whichever building they adorn. These pendulous flowers don’t last that long, but when they are all in bloom, they are truly a sight to behold. If you can sacrifice them, a few carefully selected stems can be cut and used in the home to make a glorious display of tumbling flowers.

Wisteria is evocative of summer and rural living. It oozes romantic charm when trained across the front of a house or cottage.


As the weather warms, lawns and grassy areas become filled with a patchwork of daisies, dotted throughout. Children love to pick these tiny daisies to make chains and crowns but larger, longer-stemmed varieties make wonderful decorations for the home. Rodanthe, Acrolinium, and tiny Ixodia look wonderful when mixed with natural-coloured grass varieties such as lagurus and phalaris. A few lavender stems, a sprig of gypsophila, and maybe a little flax can bring the arrangement together and complete that bloomcore look.

Someone picking wild daisies by hand.

From left to right: Pink Rodanthe, White Rodanthe, Pink Acrolinium, Mixed Acrolinium

You will notice that we have waxed lyrical about how great artificial flowers can be. There are many situations when they can work in place of the real thing, why not check out our top reasons to choose artificial flowers to find out more!

Bloomcore Aesthetic For Hotels, Restaurants And Businesses

Translating the bloomcore look to a business setting is easy. Up-scaling designs and flourishes will make any hotel reception, restaurant lounge, or business foyer look amazing, and on-trend. Choosing the best plants and flowers for a hotel entrance is an art form in itself when searching for the ideal way to promote your brand and its values; bloomcore may be a perfect way in which to do this.

A clean, contemporary living space with feature wallpaper in the background with maximalist flowers drawn in black line, and coloured in pastel hues.
Bespoke floral wallpaper by Graphic Rewilding. Photograph: Baker & Borowski

Use Floral Or Foliage Accents

It’s not essential to rely on physical flowers or plants to celebrate this theme. Soft furnishings, wallpapers, and decorative vases and vessels that have these elements add to the cohesion of the overall aesthetic.

Display Bloomcore Plants At The Entrance

Dressing the entrance with bold blooms will alter the atmosphere of the whole venue. A bare or imposing facade is lifted with colour and texture. If the space is confined, or real potted plants and flowers are not able to cope outside, then choose from stunning faux blooms, with their UV-stable properties, that will last for a long time with very little attention.

A hotel entrance way that is surrounded by flowers and a floral arch decoration, with a man leaving with flowers in his hand.

Create A Flower Arch Using Bloomcore Florals

Arches are a wonderful way to create a welcoming atmosphere, set the tone of the establishment, and provide an attractive spot for clientele to stand and chat, or admire. These can be set in large containers, attached to a frame, or affixed directly to the wall. Artificial flowers are great for this as they don't need the level of attention a living plant does. Not all faux products are suitable for life outside, so be prepared to bring them indoors when not on display. If they are affixed outside (as in the image below), expect a gradual deterioration of their quality after exposure to the elements. 

A hotel entrance way with a floral arch over the door way

Choose And Display Aesthetic Floral Arrangements

Create a complementary look with a floral flourish using the bloomcore aesthetic. In the image below, carefully selected floral elements combine to make a soft, and classy space.

A contemporary table within a communal space, decorated with a large vase of tall flowers. Two floral chairs flank the table.

Create A Bloomcore-inspired Floral Or Foliage Wall

Flower walls have become popular for weddings. There are even companies that hire walls for events providing a range to choose from, or custom builds to suit a colour theme. There is no reason why such a creation couldn’t work within a hotel, restaurant, or business. Some businesses take the concept even further, and move the floral display onto the ceiling. One of our customers created just such a ceiling for their restaurant over a year ago, and it’s still going strong!

Copper and Ink Restaurant's colourful ceiling installation.

Photo Credit : Tony Rodd |   Copper & Ink

If there isn’t enough scope to create a full wall (or ceiling) covered in flowers or foliage, small panels or picture frame-sized features work very well. Depending on how frequently you want to change up the installation, you can opt for live, dried, preserved, or faux – or even a mix of these. Suspending trails of blooms or creating hangers is another alternative to a block of florals in a panel. 

Pinterest is full of inspirational makes and ideas:

Why not create a full or partial flower curtain using peonies? Mixing faux garlands with either artificial or dried peonies creates a flowing design, ideal for breaking up spaces, providing partial privacy, or just for a feature.

Peony Flower Curtain Over Center Table

Image credit: Pinterest

Individual faux blooms may be secured, top-to-tail, to create pendulous chains, which can be hung in series across a wall. This feature could be large or small, depending on the space available.

DIY Flower Wall with Hobbycraft — Charlotte Jacklin

To create something a little different, combine different faux blooms into a flower wall feature. Rather than cover a complete wall, create a frame of approximately A1 or A0 size, and build the floral creation on that. This piece can be moved around, and modified to suit different rooms within a building.

Flower wall in pastel, rainbow colours

Photo credit: SdesignFloral

If you wish to create a more natural effect whilst using faux flowers, bring in a real piece of wood to suspend flowerheads. With the image below, a beautiful backdrop has been created to accompany a floral party table.

A natural floral feature using a long, bending branch with flowers suspended along its length.

Image credit: Kara’s Party Ideas .com

Paint Interiors To Contrast Bloomcore Colours

The freedom that is afforded with Bloomcore means that colour pallets can be completely customised to suit a design brief without compromising the aesthetic. The mood of a space can be dramatically altered by the background colour – think of it just like a canvas. Darker flowers on dark backgrounds compared to light on light will create very different effects. Light on dark and vice versa can also alter the mood. Opting for low or high-contrast effects is yet another way to change the perception of the overall space. It’s worth creating a mood board to get to the combinations of colours (and don’t forget textures!) that work for you and the space you are decorating.

Bloomcore Aesthetic Home Decor Ideas

This could be an article all on its own as home decor ideas using the bloomcore aesthetic are plentiful. Pinterest is full of inspirational ideas, and we have shortlisted a few things that you can try yourself. 

Bedrooms are a great space to create a bloomcore look. Already a very personal space, if there’s nowhere else in the home you’re able to create a bloomcore vibe, filling your own room with flowers and floral accents is as easy as this: Bedclothes, cushions, bedframe decor, lampshades, carpets, feature walls, etc. 

A dreamy bedroom with floral accents on the bedclothes and within the decor

Image credit: Anna Scharfenberg

This very pink scene is made up of artificial blooms in various shades of pink, draped over an old telephone kiosk that has been painted pink, to create a feature within a retail area.

A colourful floral arch made from artificial flowers and foliage.

Image credit: _theg.olden_girl

This retro scene is full-on bloomcore! With base notes of rich cream colour, the pastel floral colours overlaid are working in harmony to create a very cohesive scene.

A heady scene of highly patterned floral items blended on a backdrop of cream furniture.

Image credit: Pinterest

Emulating a maximalist, neo-classical style, incorporating ceramic or plaster busts filled with flowers and faux foliage is decadent and highly decorative. Blend fresh, dried, preserved, and artificial flowers and foliage to create an opulent look.

A group of plaster of Paris classical style busts containing flowers and foliage.

Image credit: Mossonyi via Pinterest

Glass bell jars are a classical feature that came to prominence in Victorian times. Often filled with scientific specimens or objects discovered from far away lands, occasionally they would contain floral items. The popularity of bloomcare means there is scope to reinvent bell jar decor.  If you have a maximalist or dark theme in your space, use a bell jar to compliment that vibe. Fill it with dried flowers, flower heads, petals, or even ceramic flower models.

A glass bell jar filled with pink rose stems, set against an opulent but dark interior design scene.

Image credit: Dark Academia Interior Design | Dagmara Mach Schwab

A relatively inexpensive and practical way to add some floral accents within the home is to decorate a mirror with flowers. This full-length mirror is quite plain, but with the addition of an artificial ivy garland, and some faux roses, it becomes a feature. The macrame pot holder and window garlands also in this image, bring the theme together.

A large, full-length mirror that has been dressed in a faux foliage garland and rose decoration.

Image Credit:   Pinterest

Our final example is a bloomcore dressing table. Aspirational accessories and decor with abundant faux and dried florals make this an uber feminine looking scene.

A dressing table scene with makeup and a mirror surrounded by bunches of faux flowers.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Create Statement Bloomcore Bouquets

To create a bloomcore bouquet may seem obvious but the truth is bouquets can contain many ingredients besides flowers. When we consider the romanticism that supports the bloomcore aesthetic, the specific design qualities of this style bouquet become more apparent. Experiment with soft, dreamy blooms with voluminous petals in pastel shades, complemented and contrasted by filler florals like gypsophila or limonium. These bouquets will suit a home that has similar design elements, and lend itself to enhancing their beauty.

A beautiful bouquet of dried and fresh flowers, containing roses, daisies, limonium, and more. Tied with a piece of natural jute twine, this bouquet is perfect for the bloomcore aesthtic.

Image Above  | Sourced from Pinterest – A beautiful bouquet of dried flowers, containing roses, daisies, limonium, and more. Tied with a piece of natural jute twine, this bouquet is perfect for the bloomcore aesthetic.

Adorn Your Hotel Entrance With Bloomcore Foliage

Dressing the entrance of a hotel will influence the vibe it eschews. To create a bloomcore-themed entrance, say to a countryside hotel, a cascading floral arch, containers and window boxes filled with flowers, and even hanging baskets. Hone the look by keeping that bold and voluminous floral aesthetic at the core of the design.

A bold floral arch over a hotel entrance containing a wide variety of different flowers in pink hues, reminiscent of the bloomcore aesthetic.

Image Sourced from Pinterest – A gorgeous bloomcore arch!

The Cadogan Hotel with a bloomcore themed entrance - Image Credit Nikita Bathia via Pinterest

Above we have the iconic Cadogan Hotel in London. This establishment is well-known for its huge, bold floral displays outside the main entrance. This scene is filled with bloomcore florals; big, bold flowers, soft colours, and a dreamy style – Imagecredit The Cadogan Hotel with a bloomcore themed entrance – Image Credit Nikita Bathia via Pinterest

Dining Table Floral Aesthetic Centrepieces

Adding a floral table decoration to a bloomcore-themed room is a finishing touch not to be underestimated. It is cohesive for the whole design and can be suited to any occasion. This stunning scene has been created by interior designer, Melanie Jade Design. We adore the mix of floral wallpaper, seating, tableware, and the centrepiece.

A stunning bloomcore themed dining area, with pink and red floral wallpaper, dining chairs with floral upholstery, floral place settings, and a magnificent centrepiece, all with a pink and green theme.

This next image is less formal, and has a garden party vibe, albeit indoors. The rustic bird cage design motifs above the table extend the theme to surround the diners. The beautiful centrepiece that encompasses loose moss around the place settings, fills the space, and will ensure the diners feel enveloped in flowers! Image credit | His and Hers Events via Pinterest.

A bloomcore inspired table decor set up with flowers on the place settings, along the centre of the table, and in the surroundings.

Use Seasonal Bloomcore Accents

As the year progresses, it’s commonplace for many to change up their home or business decor to match the seasons. With the bloomcore aesthetic, the use of florals will enhance seasonal design ideas.

Using floral accents that are in season is one option, but the plethora of dried, preserved, and artificial flowers on the market allows for an expressive colour pallet without seasonal product restrictions.


Melanie Lissack Interiors brings Easter and Spring to life with this bloomcore mantel, complete with egg tree!

A bloomcore Spring inspired mantel piece with flowers surrounding a huge circular mirror, and an easter egg tree to one side.


With summer comes the full bloom of glorious wisteria. If you want to bring some of that magic indoors, create a hanger using a piece of natural hazel branch and some artificial wisteria. Hang above a mirror to achieve a dreamy, peaceful look for the bedroom. Image credit | Peonies_and_Paintpots via Pinterest

An artificial wisteria hanger draped over a large silver framed bedroom mirror


Autumn (or fall) offers a lot of potential to decorate our spaces. The rich, warm colours of the season are perfect for creating cosy spaces indoors. Creating accents using pumpkins and gourds is simple enough, and there are glass, ceramic and fabric alternatives to the real thing to add texture and interest to designs. Image credit | Home Wall Art Decor & Home Interior Design via Pinterest

Should you not wish to gather real leaves and branches, there are preserved and faux options available, which have a much longer lifespan, and can be used from year to year. Soft furnishings can be changed up for those with the season’s colours to reinforce the theme.

Adding a wreath to the front door that is made of dried flowers and foliage in seasonal colours is a simple and easy way to add some bloomcore accents to the home.

An autumnal wreath with dried flowers and foliage in reds, oranges, and muted tones.


Below we have a stunning staircase and bannister decoration from Kitten Grayson Flowers. These cooler colours are perfect for winter, and in keeping with the bloomcore aesthetic.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have a feature staircase that can be decorated with winter florals. Still, the concept could be implemented around a doorway or over a window.

A bloomcore inspired banister decoration, using white and light coloured flowers.

For the Christmas season, you may wish to up the festive accents within your bloomcore aesthetic. Baubles and decor items for Christmas can be created from flowers and keep your love of bloomcore on theme!

A group of glass baubles that contain dried flower mixes

The creations above are by Bonnie Hall, and I can imagine these looking amazing on a festive tree!

A high-kitch, bloomcore Christmas tree in pale peach, pink and white, accompanied by a room with furnishings in complementary colours.

The above example may be too much for some, but if you love a kitsch Christmas, it’s perfect. The use of real, artificial, and preserved florals is a heady combination. Pastel shades and washed out tones seem to add to the look rather than toning it down – this is certainly a bloomcore design with a difference. Image credit | Habitat for Mom via Pinterest

Using Bloomcore In Your Garden

If you are fortunate enough to have a garden, the concept of bloomcore doesn’t have to be restricted to borders and beds. For those summer days when the sun calls us outside, dress a table for a sundrenched lunch or dinner. Use the bloomcore aesthetic in place settings, tablecloths, napkins, centrepieces, and chairs. Image credit | Dear Designer via Pinterest

An outdoor dining table, with white tablecloth, wooden chairs, pretty pplace settings, and floral table decorations.

For those of us who don’t have a garden space, it’s possible to create bloomcore features on balconies, courtyards, porch areas, and even doorstep spaces. It just takes a little lateral thinking to bring the essence of bloomcore into these areas and enjoy even more floral accents.

A tiny courtyard garden with a bloomcore aesthetic, with a small table and chair, and containerised flowers and plants.

As you can see in the image above, simple plant containers, and beautiful flowers can make a tiny courtyard a bloomcore gem! Image credit | 91 Magazine via Pinterest

A tiny urban balcony decorated with a window box containing beautiful spring flowers

When space is minimal, try a window box or a selection of small pots filled with a collection of beautiful blooms. Soft furnishings can have floral accents to bolster the aesthetic. Image credit | The Happy Interior Blog

Bloomcore FAQs

Is Bloomcore Different To Cottagecore?

Cottagecore focuses on the romantic idealisation of rural life. It’s manifest in dressing the home in the style of a rural country cottage. Bloomcore takes its main inspiration from flowers, cottage gardens, and the aesthetics within this sphere. Spaces can have floral elements added to build a bloomcore look. These may be flowers, decorative pieces, soft furnishings, or wallpapers.

What Is The Difference Between Naturecore And Bloomcore?

Naturecore has its origins in all things from nature, from animals and wildlife to flora and fauna. As with other ‘cores’ it takes a romanticised view of these things when bringing them into decor themes.

What Are Some Other Floral Trends?

Pressed Flowers

The trend of pressed flowers has seen a resurgence, with enthusiasts preserving delicate blooms by pressing them between pages to create timeless, decorative pieces. This technique allows for the capture of the flower’s natural beauty, offering a nostalgic and charming touch to various crafts and art forms. Read about pressing flowers.

Sustainable Flowers and Plants

As people become more conscious of environmental concerns, sustainability in floral design is becoming a major trend. Consumers are increasingly curious about where their flowers come from, showing a preference for locally grown and seasonal plants and blooms.

Dried and Preserved Flowers

Using dried and preserved flowers in arrangements is becoming more popular. These flowers last longer and have a unique look that fresh flowers can’t compete with. Read about how to display dried flowers.

Biophilic Design

The desire for greenery and indoor plants has increased since the Covid pandemic. This design trend, referred to as biophilic design, harnesses plants to introduce nature’s soothing impact indoors. The pandemic may be over, but the plant obsession has not!

Floral Installations

Floral design is expanding its horizons beyond traditional vases, now embracing installations and floral art as more commonplace. This movement honours the artistic possibilities of flowers, utilising them to craft large-scale installations and distinctive decorative creations.

What Is Bloomcore?

Bloomcore is an aesthetic that combines beauty, softness, or visual elements inspired by flowers or floral motifs with other styles, such as fashion, design, art, or lifestyle.

What Is The Bloomcore Trend?

Bloomcore, a growing trend that celebrates the fusion of floral aesthetics. It incorporates floral elements into fashion, art, and lifestyle, embracing a romantic yet unconventional vibe.

What Is The Difference Between Naturecore And Bloomcore?

Naturecore and Bloomcore both derive inspiration from the natural world. Naturecore encompasses a wide range of natural elements, landscapes, and textures, while Bloomcore specifically highlights the visual allure and beauty of flowers and floral designs.

Is Bloomcore Different To Cottagecore?

Although there can be occasional overlaps between Bloomcore and Cottagecore, particularly in their appreciation for nature, their main difference lies in their primary emphasis. Bloomcore accentuates the allure of flowers, whereas Cottagecore romanticises a quaint, nostalgic rural way of life.

Is Flowercore A Thing?

Flowercore and Bloomcore are often used interchangeably. They may be differentiated in that flowercore is very specifically about flowers, whereas bloomcore is often translated into different media, such as clothes, decorative items, soft furnishing etc.

The aesthetics behind Cottagecore have existed under different names for many years, but its popularity under this name was fast-tracked when COVID-19 took hold. With lockdowns pushing people indoors for prolonged periods, the aesthetic was a way to signal wellbeing through a restyled environment. Lighter colours, organic forms, rustic furniture, and flowers were in stark contrast to the palettes of flat greys and whites en vogue up to that point. The romanticised idea of rural life even saw many people upping sticks from their urban homes, and moving to rural areas as they sought to make a new life for themselves.

With the passing of time, the pandemic behind us, and the reversion to older ways of life from ‘new normal’, some things have held tight – ‘cores’ being one such thing. Cottagecore has evolved, and bloomcore is now with us.

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