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A Brand New Way To Order Wholesale Dried Florals

Jan Lamboo, Geert Bossers, and Rob Copsey shaking hands

Kate Blott |

Value, Quality, Excellent Customer Service, and Choice

At Atlas Flowers, we pride ourselves on all of the above, but offering even more choices to customers without compromising the rest has been on our agenda for a while now. Thanks to our suppliers across the UK, Europe, and beyond, we have an inventory of well over 1500 product lines, with real-time stock quantities displayed on our website. We are proud to announce even closer partnerships with long-term suppliers Lamboo Dried and Deco AND Floriëtte that allows us to link to their catalogues and offer even more products to our customer base.

Jan Lamboo, Geert Bossers, and Rob Copsey finalising the agreement in 2023. Floriëtte joined this project in March 2024.

Pre-order To Get The Best Prices

A pre-order system will allow customers to order from our UK stockholding the Lamboo, and Floriëtte catalogues simultaneously. Products held at our UK warehouse are dispatched the same or the next day. Pre-ordered items will arrive with our customers before the end of the following week.

This pre-order system will benefit customers by providing excellent pricing on bulk order quantities and quick turnaround and delivery. Since Brexit, importing goods from the EU has become complicated and expensive, but ordering via an experienced intermediary like Atlas Flowers removes these inconveniences.

Join the pre-order revolution with Atlas Flowers, Lamboo, and Floriëtte!

Frequently Asked Questions | Pre-Ordering

Let's break down some of the key points that are involved in our pre-order process.

  • What is pre-order?

Pre-order refers to items we do not hold in stock. The rest of our website shows live stock levels, so you know exactly how much of a particular item we hold in our warehouse. With pre-order, there is no stock held in our UK warehouse facility. We order direct from our partner in the Netherlands, and subject to availability, delivery should be by the end of the following week.

  • How long will it take to get my items when using pre-order?

We aim to complete deliveries within the week following the original order. Should the item you’ve ordered be out of stock with our supplier, we will inform you as soon as possible to either arrange a refund, a credit to your account or liaise with you and the supplier to fulfil the order at a later date.

  • How do the prices compare to those you carry in stock?

With full box quantities of a product sold ex-works from our suppliers, we are able to offer a maximum discount not available on our stocked items. We don’t have to factor storage and handling costs into our sale price, therefore prices will generally be lower than those of the equivalent product from the same supplier, held at our UK warehouse.

  • Will there be any discounts available?

As you are ordering in the same way as the rest of our products and can have a mixed basket of stocked and pre-order items, we are able to offer the same discounts that are already in place for first-time orders or for those of £1000+ and £5000+.

these are as follows:

    • New customer sign-up for email marketing = 10% off (single-use code only)
    • Orders in excess of £1000 = 5% off
    • Orders in excess of £5000 = 10% off

Our stocked products have four pricing tiers but these are not available with pre-order products.

  • Why are the items not in stock in the UK?

Our UK warehouse is very well stocked with over 1500 product lines, and as much as we would like to, we can’t stock everything our suppliers offer. Using a pre-order system, we can offer customers a vast range of additional items, at competitive prices, without having to hold stock.

  • What if I need to order items you stock and items on pre-order?

No problem! You can fill your shopping basket, and checkout to place your order in exactly the same way as normal, but you will receive two separate deliveries. The first will arrive as usual, having been dispatched from our UK warehouse, and the pre-order will be delivered around a week later.

  • I don’t want a whole box of a pre-order product, can I order just a few units instead?

Not at this stage. We are trialling this system on full box quantities only, so we can offer a great wholesale price. Should a particular prove popular, we may choose to hold stock in the UK going forward, which will allow you to opt for fewer units.

  • Why would I use your service instead of going direct?

Since the UK exited the EU, importing goods from European countries has become complex and expensive. By using us as a wholesaler, you are benefiting from our import experience and removing the cost and work associated with shipping goods to the UK. There is no need to meet minimum order requirements either, if you just want one box of an item, that’s all you need to order.

  • What if I receive the product and don’t like it, can I return it?

Once delivered, should the product not be what you were expecting, you are welcome to return it as long as it is in unused condition. Please check the details for our returns procedure.

  • What if I receive the product and it’s damaged/poor quality?

Once delivered, should the product be damaged or of inferior quality, please contact us straight away. We will need some images so we can file a case with the courier company and/or supplier, so make sure you take these and send them to us via For more information, please check the details of our returns procedure.

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