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Best Indoor Plants For Cafés And Coffee Shops

A contemporary cafe setting with plants hanging from the ceiling, wall art, and comfortable looking seating adorned with cushions.

Kate Blott |

The Best Indoor Plants For Cafés And Coffee Shops

When deciding which cafe or coffee shop to try, looking through a window will often give you a good idea of whether it’s for you. First impressions are important and if your business is trying to give customers a calming, natural vibe throughout the seasons, adding plants is an excellent interior design hack. Also, it has long been recognised within scientific communities that plant greenery is a great way to introduce a feeling of calm and relaxation to a space - and plants are awesome, so why wouldn’t you want them?

Well, plants can be hard work. The majority of attractive plants don’t just sit there and flourish, they need care and attention. Whether it’s watering, feeding, pruning, potting on, or maintaining the right temperature and lighting - the list goes on. So what is the alternative? What about artificial plants? Contemporary faux plants, shrubs, and trees are made to such a high standard and from realistic materials, many people won’t realise they aren’t real. Unless closely inspected, these products will fool even the most discerning plant lover.

Let’s look at the artificial plants on offer that can be used to fill and enhance your cafe or coffee shop’s interior, and keep your customers coming back again and again.

A good selection of green plants add some natural energy to this space | Credit: Marta Dzedyshko

What To Consider When Planning Your Café’s Plants And Foliage

There are a few things to consider when choosing and installing artificial plants, shrubs, and trees to ensure you get the absolute best from them, from where you place them to choosing the right plant for a specific spot.

Do You Need Plants That Are UV-Stable?

Is your establishment south-facing, or exposed to a lot of natural, bright sunlight? If so, when placing artificial plants be cautious to either keep them away from the light or choose UV-stable varieties that won’t fade. Contemporary pigments and materials have allowed manufacturers of faux floral products to create an amazing array of UV-stable flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees. These products are ideal for window displays and for use in those tricky, bright spots. It also means you can have plants in your cafe or coffee shop that otherwise wouldn’t survive, let alone thrive.

With a brightly lit cafe like this, choose your plants wisely | Credit: Ksenia Chernaya

Do You Have Different-Sized Tables Needing Different-Sized Faux Plants?

It’s unlikely that all surfaces within your establishment are of the same width, height, or shape. Even the tables in many cafes and coffee shops are slightly different to add some charm and interest. It’s worth considering different kinds of plants to complement the various furniture, and to make the most of the surface area. A small, two-person table may only take a small plant whereas a 4-6-person setting would be able to cope with a grander specimen or several small/medium options. If the table is tiny, don’t be afraid not to decorate it. Plants shouldn’t dominate a space you want your customers to relax in - or they won’t!

Match your plants to your table size | Credit: SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS

With peripheral tables or furniture, such as bars and cutlery areas, it may not be practical to place a potted plant, but there could be space for hanging foliage, either from the side of the furniture itself or from above. Ensuring the product doesn’t encroach on space is key, so clientele can sit comfortably and eat and drink with room to move.

Centre-Pieces Vs Side-Pieces, Vs Filler-Plants


The options for table and peripheral floral decor are broad. We are going to take a look at three key features, and how you can make the right choice for your establishment.


Table decoration using flowers should be unobtrusive. Diners do not want to jostle for space with a pot plant when they are trying to relax and enjoy their food and drink. Choosing an appropriate centrepiece will depend on the size of the table, what level of dining is offered, and other table dressing. If your staff can remove the plants when setting the table or bringing out food/drink, more substantial plants could be used. If the chosen plant is to remain on the table, choose wisely. If there is a danger that it could be knocked, damaged, or have spurious liquids tipped into the pot, it’s worth considering faux products. It’s possible to achieve great looks that add to the aesthetic without being as concerned by wear and tear on a living plant. These plants can easily be cleaned, potted to suit your decor, and placed in most environments with no ill effect.

Small is beautiful! | Credit: Ksenia Chernaya


For peripheral furniture such as sideboards, counters, and bars that may be next to walls, side pieces are a great way to show off some floral elegance that doesn’t encroach too far into spaces. With one side flat and a full front and profile, these sit flush against a wall and can even be fixed into place if needed. Often achieved with vases and cut flowers, this is more difficult to achieve with live plants. Artificial plants can be placed in ‘half’ pots or, depending on the situation,wall-mounted to raise them away from the surface in sconces, leaving more room for your customers. As there’s no need for watering, you don’t have to worry about your customers getting dripped on, or pools of water accruing on surfaces below.


If you are lucky enough to have a good amount of space to fill with plants, it’s worth considering filler plants to bulk up areas and balance the display. Products like grasses, leafy plants with decorative foliage, scented herbs, and woody shrubs can add height, variety, and texture. If your establishment likes to mix up the floral elements of the display, then a good base of filler products can remain while the seasonal products are changed throughout the year. Investing in faux fillers can save you money, as you can expect the artificial elements indefinitely with minimal care required.

Fantastic use of filler plants to create a division in a cafe | Credit: Vincent Rivaud

Tabletop Artificial Plants That Create A Cosy Café Feel

Let's look at some great options for table top plants to create the best atmosphere for your cafe!


For a delicate country cottage look and feel, there’s nothing like lavender. As much as its heady scent appeals to many, it can irritate others, so this faux option gives you the looks without the smell. Supplied as a plug-style plant, we have displayed it in a real terracotta pot and topped it off with some decorative preserved moss. This little specimen is only 35cm tall making it perfect for even the smallest of table centres.

An artificial lavender plug plant, displayed in a terracotta pot, and decorated with preserved moss.


The hellebore is a beautiful little plant that is a member of the buttercup family, although often called a Lenten Rose. This product is a little taller than the lavender above at 37cm, but its flexible stems can be shaped outwards to give depth and form. It is ideal for a romantic or country cottage look, especially when displayed in this same style of terracotta pot.

An artificial hellebore plug plant displayed in a terracotta pot, with decorative preserved moss.


Also called geraniums, these plants are typical of a country garden and also popular as a house plant. They bring pops of colour to an environment, creating a cheerful vibe. The products we are showing here are around 40cm in total height and have the potential to be styled and shaped into a full-looking plant. It is also UV-safe, meaning it will cope in full sun. The pot used to display these is of textured concrete.

Pelargonium, Red, 40cm UV Safe

Pelargonium, Red, 40cm UV Safe
A pink, artificial pelargonium plant with a decorative concrete pot.

Standing Plants And Trailing Foliage For Your Coffee Shop

Creating a relaxing atmosphere can be as easy as adding some beautiful greenery. We have a couple of examples of plants that will do this to perfection!

Boston Fern

This plant is a well-loved addition to many homes. It’s relatively easy to look after and has plenty of form and texture to please the eye. The live plant can sometimes react to changes in light and watering, with the fronds browning in places. If you want to avoid that, and the general maintenance of live plants, why not try a faux option? We have a UV-stable product with a 50cm spread that looks fabulous in this terracotta pot, ideal for wider coffee tables in windowed areas, where it will come to ‘life’!

An artificial Boston fern plant in a decorative terracotta pot.


Often consigned to gardens, smaller hydrangeas look gorgeous indoors. A tricky customer to look after if there’s not the right light or a consistent, cooler temperature. Coffee shops can be hot, and with the door opening and closing frequently, a little drafty in places. Don’t exclude the hydrangea though, a good quality faux plant will look fantastic in the windows, or placed on sideboards and counters. Available in various colours, this product is around 43cm in height and is full of flowers and foliage.

Hydrangea Plant, Cream, 43cm, Faux, UV


Plants needn’t always be on the furniture, they also look great when hung in baskets and sconces. Fittonia is a wonderful example of trailing foliage that can enhance the decor of a coffee shop. Fittonia can be a little needy, preferring more humid conditions and regular misting, so opting for an artificial plant may be easier for you if you run a busy coffee shop. We offer two different sizes of Fittonia, so you can create a sense of depth and realism in your display. Mix 50 and 75cm lengths in boho hanging baskets for a cosy retro vibe.

An artificial Fittonia Bush displayed in a hanging basket.

What Staff Need To Know About Cleaning And Maintenance

One of the greatest benefits of artificial flowers is how little maintenance they require. This said, there are some key things to remember to keep them in tip-top condition for years to come. The main issue affecting artificial flower products is dirt. Depending on the environment, dirt can accrue and get into the woven fabric of the leaves and even stain the petals. To prevent the build-up of dirt and debris, it’s wise to set up a routine to keep them clean. Follow our step-by-step guide to keep your products clean and in good condition.

Don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning tools/cloths, instead use:

  • Microfibre cloths
  • Soft paintbrushes
  • Plain water or white vinegar
  • Hair dryers or compressed air
  • Steam

Read our blog post for more detailed information on how best to clean your artificial floral products.

Artificial plants may not be the first choice for many people, but it is worth keeping an open mind, especially in a business setting where time is short, expertise may be lacking, and the environment is not ideal for live plant survival. Manufacturing technologies have improved over the years and what may have been a poor second choice at one time, can be a better, more economical option for long-lasting decor.

Cafe and Coffee Shop Plants F.A.Q.

  • How long do fake plants last?

Although plastics don’t bio-degrade, their quality can deteriorate over time, rendering them unsuitable for display. This means there are steps to be taken to keep them in tip-top condition. If these are adhered to, there’s no reason why they can’t remain looking great for several years.

  • Can fake plants grow mould?

Synthetic materials do not produce mould but depending on what dirt deposits build up, they can host the growth of mould in certain conditions. It is essential to clean any dirt and dust build-up to prevent this and guarantee the looks and useful lifespan of the product. If you want to ensure that these plants remain in tip top condition, ensure they are cleaned as required.

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