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The Best Artificial Plants For A Reception Area

Looking down at at a hotel reception desk from a high ceiling

Kate Blott |

Which Plants Should I Use In A Reception Area?

The reception area of a hotel is the first point of contact, and as such somewhere that should be welcoming and relaxing. Having walked through the entrance, guests should be greeted by decor and atmosphere that makes them relax, knowing they have chosen the right hotel. As with the exterior and entrance to the building, the reception is a point of first impression and another way to show people who you are. Select the right decor elements to make this space complete - and include plants!

Top Reasons to Choose Artificial Plants

Artificial plants are often considered ideal for reception areas for several, practical reasons. We have shortlisted a few below:

Low Maintenance

Artificial plants require minimal upkeep compared to live plants. They don’t need water, sunlight, or frequent attention, which makes them an excellent choice for spaces like reception areas that lack the correct conditions or staff for plant care.


Artificial plants maintain their appearance consistently throughout the year. They don’t go through seasonal changes or growth spurts, ensuring a consistent, appealing look in the reception area.


Unlike live plants, artificial plants don’t produce pollen or other allergens. Hypoallergenic qualities are especially beneficial in reception areas where individuals with plant allergies may visit.


Artificial plants are durable and can withstand various environmental conditions, such as fluctuations in temperature and humidity. This makes them well-suited for spaces like reception areas.

No Watering Needs

Reception areas are often busy, and it may be challenging to maintain live plants. Artificial plants eliminate the need for watering and the time and skills required to do this.


Artificial plants have a longer lifespan than live plants. They don’t suffer from diseases or pest infestations and won’t outgrow their designated pot or container, thus providing a consistent and aesthetically pleasing appearance over time.


Artificial plants come in different shapes, sizes, and types, affording greater design flexibility. Businesses can choose plants that complement the overall aesthetic of the reception area or create a seasonal look throughout the year.


While the initial investment in quality artificial plants may be higher, they can be cost-effective in the long run due to their minimal maintenance requirements. Live plants may incur ongoing costs for specialist feeds or fertilisers, pesticides, and replacements.

No Sunlight Requirements

Artificial plants do not require sunlight making them ideal for areas with limited natural light.

Easy to Clean

Artificial plants are easy to clean and maintain, requiring only occasional dusting or wiping. This is especially convenient in high-traffic areas like reception spaces.

While artificial plants offer numerous advantages, some prefer the authenticity and environmental benefits live plants offer. The choice ultimately depends on the specific needs and preferences of the business or individuals managing the reception area.

Cleaning a leaf of a plant.

How To Display Reception Area Plants

Once a plant (or plants) is selected for its suitability, get the best from it by choosing the best planter. Think about the aesthetic and what mood you wish to project.

A hotel reception area with plants around the floor, desk and ceiling areas.
Careful placement of plants can make a space feel more inviting.

Statement plants require substantial planters to complement their size and grandeur. With artificial plants, a container that doesn’t reflect the size of a rootball in a real plant will not only look strange but it probably won’t offer enough stability. A large plant toppling over in an area of high footfall would be a disaster.

Planters come in a variety of materials, some waterproof, others not. Many do not have drainage holes at the base, which means they are only suitable for artificial plants. This means that ballast added to support the plant and give stability will not leak from the base. Below are pictured a selection of metal and ceramic vessels that are particularly suitable for display purposes.

Metal Planters

A trio of matching green, metal pots in three different sizes.
A trio of metal planters like these are great for creating a consistent display.

Ceramic Planters

A cylindrical, grey ceramic planter with a textured surface.
Ceramic planters that aren't waterproof are great for artificial plants

Best Plant Options For A Reception Area

As discussed, the decisions involved in choosing plants for a reception area very much depend on the existing set-up and aesthetic. We have come up with a list of plant recommendations, and planter suggestions.

Statement Plants and Planters

An artificial areca palm in a very small pot.

When you have a statement plant such as this Areca palm, choosing a suitable pot that is generous enough to give the impression of a substantial root ball is important to keep up the illusion of realism. The image above shows a pot that is too small to do this, and it would benefit from something far larger.

A metal pot such as the one below could contain the plant and have enough space to add ballast to keep it stable and upright.

A large, dark grey, metal plant pot cover

Studies suggest that the best 'interior greening' practice is to place plants and shrubs in close contact with guests to give the maximum feeling of comfort and luxury with a natural ambience. Because of this proximity, it’s essential to choose plants, shrubs and trees that are not going to cause injury to people or infiltrate food chains. Of course, this needn’t be a concern with faux products! Ensure maximum impact and realism by choosing high-quality artificial plants.

For statement plants that fit the green aesthetic, we recommend products like Areca Palms, Giant Golden Pothos, or Monstera Deliciosa. Take a look at our range of pots to find something that fits your aesthetic.

Flowering Plants

Flowering plants can lift the mood in a space. Artificial flowering plants will always be in bloom and won't shed their petals. When opting for a floral plant, choosing the right planter can alter the overall tone of the display. With what could be considered bland options, such as geranium, fuchsia, or hydrangea, mixing up the hardware to suit the aesthetic message you wish to convey is an essential part of the design.

For rustic settings, materials like terracotta or stone will help to reinforce that theme. With a more opulent setting, metallics, and darker colours with high gloss finishes will lift the glamour.

An artificial hydrangea in a cream colour, shown in a terracotta pot.
These artificial hydrangea plants can be manipulated into a variety of poses to create the illusion of realism

Terracotta is weighty and sturdy, and with no holes in the base, can take faux planting substrate or stones to add extra ballast without it leaking from the base.

A white, faux Phalaenopsis orchid in a gold pot cover.
Orchids are a stunning addition to floral decor, and these artificial Phalaenopsis look amazing placed in golden pot covers

Trailing Plants

Some situations may benefit from hanging trailing plants for an immersive plant experience. There are some great options out there, and with the resurgence in handmade craft items, the classic macrame pot holder is en vogue once more. Plants like Ceropegia (String of Hearts), look particularly fine in these hangers, and they add to a retro vibe. If you have a boutique hotel, or small B and B, these could be just the plants for you!

Ceropegia or String of Hearts in a macrame hanger.
Retro vibes with this lovely macrame pot holder!

Herbs and Culinary Plants

If your reception is part of a culinary destination, why not add some flavour to the plants too? To reinforce your establishment's USP, adding some on-brand plants can send a subliminal message to your clientele.

To the left is a faux lavender plant potted in a fluted terracotta pot, and on the right there is a stack of three different sized wooden crates that have been embellished with 'herbs de provence' text.
These cute lavender plants look great in terracotta pots, or you could create a stunning display of these and other artificial culinary plants using these stylish wooden crates.

Give Reception Visitors A Positive First Impression

The front of the building creates a bricks-and-mortar first impression of a hotel, but, the reception area is where the customer is greeted, and where they will most likely decide how welcome they feel. Different establishments will want to convey different atmospheres, but ultimately they all want their guests to feel welcome and comfortable. Using plants and flowers to enhance the look of the reception desk and surrounding area is a fantastic way to bring in a natural element and promote a cosy ambience. Your choices will affect how this message is conveyed, so choose wisely!

To view a great selection of lifelike artificial plants, head over to our collection. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will do our best to help.

F.A.Q.s - The Best Plants For A Hotel Entrance

  • What are the best reception plants?

The actual plants you choose will depend on the aesthetic you are trying to promote, however, for low maintenance and good looks, we recommend artificial flowers. Choose from an array of superb-quality products that look realistic, and will stand the test of time and high traffic without the need for watering and complex care.

  • Are fake plants good for office areas?

Artificial plants are particularly good for office areas as they require virtually no maintenance, and can lift the environment’s aesthetic, improving mood and establishing a sense of the natural world in an otherwise utilitarian space. They are particularly good if the space has no windows or very little natural light.

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