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This is a bunch of Sarah Purple peony stems, The colour is a rich purple with magenta hues.

Why work with Atlas Flowers?

Why work with Atlas Flowers?


Choosing where to purchase dried, preserved, artificial flowers and foliage is more complex than it may sound. Balancing your budget against product quality, shipping costs, and delivery speed is a challenge. Also, excellent customer service shouldn’t be a bonus; it should come as standard. If you want all of these, you should choose Atlas Flowers.  

Range & Quality

As professionals, the range of top-quality products required can be complex. Not every job contains swathes of gypsophila and lagurus, with many clients demanding extra to fulfil their brief. Atlas works with different suppliers to bring in florals from all over the world. We also deal with companies who provide Fair Trade foliage at source in places like Sri Lanka. Certain items from the Far East have their place; however, our commitment to sustainability and the environment means we are phasing out supply chains when we cannot establish proof of sustainable practices and materials.
Product quality is hugely important to us. When dealing with natural products, colour, size and quality variations throughout a growing season should be expected. Environmental conditions will also play a part in this, so we endeavour to scrutinise the quality of items accordingly. Website listing descriptions are updated to reflect the condition, and photographs will clearly show what is for sale and what you will receive. Occasionally, albeit rarely, things slip past our QA team - this is when our customer service team will work with you to establish the best way forward. We want our customers to be satisfied. We encourage them to notify us of problems encountered so we can address and resolve issues and improve our services moving forward.
There are times when you can’t find what you’re looking for. Our suppliers carry so many products, we can’t hold them all in our UK warehouse. We encourage anyone in this position to contact us to see if we can source the products required. If we can’t help, we will do our best to put you in touch with someone who can!


The cost of the wholesale products you buy affects your pricing and if you will get a job. In adverse economic conditions, clients’ budgets are tighter, and ensuring you are competitive and can still make money to survive is a fine line. 
At Atlas, we have never tried to be the cheapest on the market because we want to offer consistently high-quality products, and these cost more, yet we haven’t implemented a blanket price increase since 2020. Political and economic issues worldwide have led to sky-rocketing prices on many core commodities, such as fuel and energy. The knock-on effect is price increases in seemingly unrelated industries due to the cost of shipping goods by air, sea, road, and rail. UK warehousing and processing costs have also risen as a result of inflation, and wage increases. With this in mind, we have reviewed our pricing and discount structures and have made some changes – but do not despair, there are plenty that will actually benefit you with reductions to many of our lowest volume tiers as we try and help you navigate the current economic conditions without the need to overload on stock. 
Whilst looking at our pricing, we also carried out a user experience audit. The insights from this showed us that our customers find it easier to see pricing when the VAT amount is included. You will notice that our website now shows pricing inclusive of VAT with an ex-VAT price in brackets. 
 If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call.  We are always here to help.
Purchasing products at higher volume will generally see a price reduction, so we encourage any customer seeking bulk purchasing options not currently on the website to contact us to discuss their requirements.

Shipping Costs and Speeds

Delivery costs can be a point of irritation, especially if you only need a few stems to finish a job - there’s nothing worse than the shipping charges being more than the items themselves! 
As a wholesaler supplier, Atlas is geared up to supply in bulk rather than small order quantities. Although we’ve never set a minimum order value, standard shipping under a certain amount is set at the current level to offset the warehousing costs associated with smaller orders. 
Customers should know that large orders are shipped by pallet and may take a little longer, especially for certain delivery postcodes. If you have any queries regarding shipping and costs, please get in touch.

Additional Services

Alongside our wholesale, e-commerce business, Atlas Flowers is an expert in the design and delivery of bespoke products. We work with national and international clients to create unique ranges of dried and preserved floral products. From initial ideas, concepts, and samples through to production, labelling, and delivery, we take pride in working with our clients to get superior-quality products on their shelves.
If this is a service you are interested in, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Customer Service

Our friendly, approachable team is on hand to offer advice and assistance at any stage of your purchasing journey.

We can assist with things like:

  • Product details and information
  • Sourcing new products
  • Bulk pricing and discounts
  • Delivery information and tracking queries
  • White labelling
  • Bespoke product development
  • Delivery and product issues
  • Returns and refunds 

For more detailed information, head over to our FAQ section or get in touch!


“We have worked with Atlas for 4 years and wouldn’t order dried flowers or sundries anywhere else. Their selection of dried flowers is by far the best in the U.K. — we love the variety of colours and flowers available.

The team at Atlas are highly professional and friendly, nothing is too big an ask. Orders always arrive punctually and the flowers are always packed with love and care ensuring no breakages during transport.

Atlas have also been open to ordering in new products specifically for us if there is something they don’t stock. It goes without saying we highly recommend using Atlas for any of your floral or sundry needs.” 

Chloe Milligan

Creative Director at Mud Urban Flowers

"At Florence and Flowers we specialise in making bespoke wedding arrangements using dried flowers.

Quality is the number one thing that we look for from our suppliers and for that reason we use Atlas Flowers time and time again. The quality of their dried flowers is excellent, as is the speed of delivery and their willingness to source additional colours and flowers when we receive requests for custom designs.

Atlas Flowers are a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend!"


Florence and Flowers

“I have ordered from Atlas over the last 3 years and I am delighted with the quality of the faux range for my many installations on Guernsey. The flowers look so life like it is hard to tell they aren’t real. The delivery and service is fantastic.

The dried range is also very good and the home wares section is gorgeous - I have ordered many a vase for my own home.

I cannot recommend the team at Atlas highly enough”

Claire Galliott

Simply Bespoke Guernsey