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The reception area of a hotel is the first point of contact, and as such somewhere that should be welcoming and relaxing. Having walked through the entrance, guests should be greeted by decor and atmosphere that makes them relax, knowing they have chosen the right hotel. As with the exterior and entrance to the building, the reception is a point of first impression and another way to show people who you are. Select the right deco elements to make this space complete - and include plants!

It sometimes feels like we are in a world where every new trend has the word ‘core’ added. What started with Cottage-core has swiftly grown into Witch-core, Angel-core, Princess-core, Barbie-core, and even Norm-core! This new way of naming trends may seem too much, but the aesthetics behind them do have followings, and if flowers and home decor (see what we did there!) are your thing, one or two are worth checking out.

We all hope to see that look of joy on our friends and families’ faces when handing them that gift we’ve spent weeks excitedly waiting for them to open. But as a nation, are we really giving the gifts that people want to receive?

First impressions last, and within the hospitality industry, this occurs at the entrance. Whether you are a small, family-owned B and B tucked away in the countryside or a 5-star hotel in a capital city, your clientele will judge your business from the moment they arrive at the building’s façade.

Depending on the location or the direction a building faces, selecting a plant that will survive windowsill conditions is not easy. Too much sun or not enough, too cold or hot - it’s a lot for a plant to deal with. Also, at work, the care of plants isn’t a priority, so what’s the solution?

How To Clean Artificial Plants

Artificial plants may seem like a great, low-maintenance alternative to the real thing, but what about keeping them clean? Dust build-up will occur whether or not a plant is real, and to prevent damage, and promote longevity, it’s important to ensure a safe way of cleaning them. Let’s take a look at the different ways available, and those to avoid.

Filling a house with beautiful plants can turn it into a home and make the working environment a more pleasant place to be. Doing so can require a lot of maintenance you may not have time for, and what if the space isn’t right for keeping plants healthy? Opting for artificial plants may be the answer. Contemporary artificial plants look very realistic and often have real-touch leaves, so it’s not necessarily a compromise. With some careful dressing, ensuring these plants look as good as the real thing is quick and easy. It doesn’t have to be one or the other either, mixing in one or two lower-maintenance live plants can enhance the realism of the display.

E-commerce wholesale is an ever-evolving marketplace - it has to be to keep up with the rapidly changing world we live in. Competition is high, and finding the edge that encourages customers to your virtual shop front isn’t always as simple as slashing prices. Customers want value, quality, excellent customer service, and choice.

It's quite possible you remember pressing flowers as a child, perhaps you still do it to make keepsakes and gifts, but have you ever wondered if using fresh flowers is the best way? Have you considered using a ready dried flower for this? We take a look at the pros and cons of both methods to help you decide.

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