Should you go faux with your houseplants this Winter?

It’s the perfect time of year to buy houseplants – but will they survive? Although the days are slowly getting lighter, light levels indoors can be exceptionally low, so that even the houseplant who’s native home was the jungle floor (such as an African Violet) will struggle in that dark corner. That’s where faux or artificial plants come in! Alongside their high chance of survival, with the only risk we can think of being a playful cat, there are many other benefits to sprucing up your home using cool artificial or faux houseplants.

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Wreath making helping hands

Christmas Wreaths get a make-over

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Christmas Wreaths, as trends evolve and creativity is everything. Talk of wreaths generally conjures images of holly entwined into a ring to be hung on the outside door, but as times move forwards so do the possibilities of this must-have decorative Christmas adornment. This year, more natural and free-flowing designs have taken the prime spot for top wreaths, incorporating different textures to add contrast and excitement. Nature finds it’s way into the home as designers and DIYers forage for interesting and unusual greenery or vines to entwine into beautiful wreaths. Additionally, with fresh green wreaths, not only do you bring the look of nature to your doorstep but also their aromas which bring new senses to the home. Popular cuttings to use are ferns, ivy, box hedge stems, pine boughs, magnolia and, of course, holly.

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Phalaris Wreath 35cm Natural Dried

Dried Flowers Are Hot News This Year

Dried Flowers Are Hot News This Year

Our Dried Flower range is now coming back into stock and we are proud to work with Koos Lamboo Dried & Deco and have done so now for over 20 years. Back in the 80’s when Dried Flowers were big news Koos Lamboo were one of the biggest growers and driers in Holland. . The fashion changed and Dried Flowers were pushed away to the back of the room and forgotten, only to be seen in the sort of hairdressers where you could have your hair set.

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Dried Helichrysum Leaves and Flowers

Dried Flower Trends and Inspirations

We’ve been following dried flower trends for a while. It started with some Instagram posts in late 2016, could it be true, dried flowers were being mentioned again? South Korea and Japan were early adopters, posies and decorations were petite sometimes minute and perfect in every way. Each flower was chosen with extreme care and placed with precision. Other flower trends sprang up including pressing flowers and botanical collections and curios seemed the thing to have, collect and photograph. We were inspired to create some dried flower curtains for our stand at the Spring Fair in Birmingham earlier in the year and were inspired by Rebecca Louise Law.

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Spring Fair 2018

What a great week we had at Spring Fair, even if we all came back exhausted. When you are a small business the preparation for a show of this size really pushes you to the limits – especially as you still have all the normal jobs that still need doing. When we arrived at our stand and started painting and building we looked on in awe as the teams of builders, carpenters and electricians arrived, followed by the decorators and finally on Sunday the salespeople for all the ‘Big’ stands. Atlas Flowers Retail are all of these things and every item on our stand was selected, designed, photographed and hung up or displayed – just by us!

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Its been a while!

Gosh where has the time gone! We are always madly busy in the winter months and now we are in the early days of the New Year I’ve suddenly realised that we haven’t posted here for ages. What have we been up to? Well we’ve managed to supply around 2.2 million pine cones – maybe even more after a certain point you kind of lose count!

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Garden Fern

Faux Ferns Can Survive The Toughest of Conditions

This time of year the ferns in our gardens are starting their winter retreat, the stems are full of spores and the older sprays are looking brown and a bit frazzled. As the heating starts to kick in looking after indoor houseplant ferns such as Adiantum or Nephrolepis can be tricky. Why not go faux instead. 

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Wheat Harvest Dried

Cereals but not just for breakfast!

This week we are focusing on our range of grasses or cereals. These are some of our best sellers, particularly the wheat. For some of our large bouquet making customers we supply these ready to use in mini bunches – but here we sell them in our standard 60-70cm long bunches.

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Helichrysum pink loose heads

Dried Flowers From The Field – Chapter 2 Helichrysum

I remember my Mum growing these back in the 70’s. I wasn’t very fond of them then but maybe it was because they were dotted in between the begonia’s, geraniums and lobelia and they just didn’t look right. However now we love Helichrysums.

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Extra Blue Lavender Harvest

Dried Flowers Fresh From The Field – chapter 1 Lavender

We work very closely with the best dried flower experts in Holland. You might think that France or even England would be where we sourced our Lavender but as we are sourcing for colour and quality of flowers we find Holland is our best option for the Extra Blue Lavender – giving us a really bright, strong colour and of course a great scent. We were over checking the Lavender earlier on in the season – and saw the Extra Blue Lavender being harvested, just look at how blue these stems are.

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Brand Brilliance Book

Brand Brilliance

We were delighted when Fiona Humberstone agreed to work with us on our re-branding, she was such an inspiration to work with. We learnt so much and are still putting all of her wonderful ideas into action. We were then really chuffed to bits to be included in her fantastic book Brand Brilliance.

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Tropical trends huge tropical leaves

Tropical trends

The tropical trend – it’s charmed its way through the world of fashion, interiors and home accessories for the past couple of years, and it seems we still can’t get enough.

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